Podcast Episode 18 – SDG Goal #5 – CorporateMOM – Women Empowerment

Podcast Episode 18 Cover Page

Podcast Episode 18 – SDG Goal #5 – CorporateMOM – Women Empowerment

Selected Slides from Lessons 1-3 that I have placed at Udemy Online Courses for anyone to go for the Basic Course.

The purpose is Women Empowerment to attract “leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic, and public life”, which is the removal of inequality and get empowerment. Unlike Women Suffrage fought for gender equality for years and years but never got empowered. This time around would be the same if women do not get empowered. So the emphasis is Women Empowerment – Now, Now, Now.

What you see on this cover page is Fiscal & Ethical-cum-co-Responsibility Framework – Troika of Entanglement. VW case study gets you an in-depth knowledge of what to learn as well as unlearn from VW. Dr. Herbet Diess initiative is indeed superlative.

There are 170 open-ended process blocks for any company and you will notice Fiscal on one side and Ethical cum co-responsibility at the other. Fiscal occupies just 12 whereas E.C 152. Today every company runs on measuring the 12 and ignores the 152. This is the management operating system, for any company.

Keynes’s troika of entanglement of Moral, Hedonistic, and Economic aspects is analyzed. Troika of Entanglement means it looks into three aspects of inseparable constituents of the same component. Corporate looks into only one – economic.

If you look at the chart 12 process blocks are taken care and the critical area of Corporate management 152 are ignored. This is where I bring in Women’s Empowerment. Women’s Empowerment is an absolute necessity to come out of the current ecosystem. CorporateMOM is not the only way forward but the only hope for a tectonic shift very much warranted for corporate.

Philosophers, Scientists, Economists as well as Consultants are only Advisories. Corporations should realize we are living in a DIY Planet.

“Podcast Episode 18 SDG Goal #5 – CorporateMOM – Women Empowerment”.

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