Jayaraman Rajah Iyer

Jayaraman Rajah Iyer, Chartered Accountant,1966, has a unique insight into corporate management practices, culled from experience across the globe.

His book titled Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability, with the subtitle: Measuring Intangible, fiscal, and ethical assets, is a path-breaking toolkit for Corporate Management Operations Systems.

Business enterprise is a profound thought of good intentions towards the society, which sets apart corporate culture over individual choice. A culture is a function of true knowledge of awareness, an identity with the ethical responsibility, that by which corporate infers and society teaches. Immanuel Kant raised the question whether a science of metaphysics with a logical structure, like that of the well-established mathematical and natural sciences is possible? Measuring ethical assets usage, is crucial for corporate to bring the abstractions into reality, acknowledge value where value is due, and deconstruct what is valueless.

This book addresses these issues effectively by subject-object distinction of qualitative and quantitative elements of management, corporate atomic structure, return on intangible [RoI], index of inactivity, creating a corporate cream report – corporate governance, risk management, earnings, accounting quality, management quality – measuring fiscal and ethical assets, by what Kant had pleaded for.

His proprietary IBCM (inactivity based cost management), enables measurement of cost consequence, a pro-active control of the cost of inaction, converting CAGR to CDGR-D-Daily, accelerating growth and profits.

RoI establishes efforts per person [EPP] as the core denominator for development and plays a significant role in the construction of a macroeconomic model. RoI enables creating the gross national happiness (GNH) index-linked to development with a combined GDP–GNH index. CREAM Report facilitates creating a slot for each individual in CREAMChain, based on blockchain technology that paves way for conferring corporate citizenship, as ought to be, on persons. At the cusp of the build-up of modern-cum-corporate civilization, each energy force identifies itself with the building block of ethical assets thus created.

The book states knowledge is the goal of ethics. where a rule expresses the truth and then it justifies conduct.

Now, CREAM Ratings Academy with 9 Modules LMS system is launched. The course certification would be crucial for I4.0 The Fourth Industrial Revolution with as many CREAM Certified professionals leading the pack – Advanced Technology and Societal Good.

Jayaraman Rajah Iyer

Coimbatore, India

Twitter: @jayaribcm

Author of Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability: Measuring Intangible, Fiscal and Ethical Assets

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