Module 4 – Intangible Defined




Module 4 – The Science of Metaphysics – Intangible Defined

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The Science of Metaphysics attracting a number of professionals on LinkedIn: Business Strategist to Project Manager, mastering the science of metaphysics would greatly assist them in preparing a Long-Term Strategy Plan inclusive of Qualitative Elements of Management, such as CoBP [Code of Business Principles] or Code of Conduct or any of 17 SDGs. Incorporating these in the Long-term Strategy Plan as well as the follow-up Action Plan, converting CAGR to CDGR that eliminates Cost of Inaction vis-à-vis the set targets. Project Manager is going to find the entire concept, an outstanding ally in combining DCF and JIT by CREAM Ratings Methodology.

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Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Martin Rees

Current Spreadsheet Organization Structure: A static organization, flat and crippled whereas Governance is dynamic and never static. A great mismatch. The Implication—matter and energy what ought to be vis-à-vis the governance.

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Module 4: The Takeaways

1. What You Will Learn, 2. Skills You Will Gain, 3. About This Specialization, 4. Course Assessment, 5. After Completion Of This Module You Will Be Able To:,6. Time Required For This Module 4 Is:


Module 4 – The Main lecture – The Science of Metaphysics – Intangible Defined

Further reading materials, in addition to the lecture above on CREAM Ratings Module 4 – Intangible Defined: The Science of Metaphysics would assist individuals to 1. What you will learn, 2. Skills you will gain, 3. About this specialization – Intangible is defined, like zero being found as a number, 4. Course Assessment – Write a report and submit it for evaluation, 5. After completion of the Module confirmation of what you would be able to accomplish and 6. Time suggested for this Module 4 – Intangible Defined: The Science of Metaphysics, as part of Project ELITE – Education, Learning, Implementation, Training, Execution.

Further reading materials include 1. Chapter 4 – Intangible Defined: from the Book and 2. 170 open-ended Process Blocks.


Project ELITE – CREAM Ratings – Book extract

Applicability of simplicity:

It’s simple enough for school children to learn governance by way of a game such as hopscotch

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In the context of what we discussed in Module 2: Who are YOU? your capability is immense. With Intangible being defined the knowledge transfer to individuals becomes very simple.

Risk appetite trickles down from the top. Risk culture travels up from the foot soldier. Remove the distinctions of money from the highest to the lowest paid and compare all as equal. Now, a lowly paid individual can challenge the highest paid on the use of the ethical assets of a company.

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A factory worker is equally knowledgeable in matters of ethical responsibility.

Intangible is the common denominator be it a potter or a nuclear scientist, with a value of 1.

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There are 9 Modules under Project ELITE, Education & Learning, where individuals on successful completion would become CREAM Ratings Certified Professionals that would carry them through Implementation, Training, and Execution for the organizations they would take part – as an employee, as a consultant, as an owner, as a member of the board of directors, as an independent director, as a stakeholder, as an Auditor, as a banker, as an investor covering the entire gamut of stakeholders with Society topping the list.


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