Podcast Episode 26 CorporateMOM – LinkedIn Newsletter 1 – An Intro


The other day I wrote in Snapshot 2: https://ibcm.in/ – IT sector without a regulatory body is a blessing in disguise for them to self-govern. They will succeed with plenty of women working in this sector, naturally born with self-governance. They don’t need third-party assurance. It’s a world of opportunities CorporateMOM opens up. Make the best use of it.

Just a day later it opened up, with Google announcing “Following Microsoft and Amazon, Google today announced that it will lay off 12,000 employees.” I remembered the classic story of shoe salesmen. One says no one wears shoes here, we can’t sell shoes to them. The other says: Nobody wears shoes here and there is a huge market here.” That’s what I find here, now.

There is not a single company anywhere in the world that produces ethical and co-responsibility reports. IT guys can help themselves prepare SOS Governance Framework for any company near their office. Go ahead. You are the winners.

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