Podcast Episode #12 Practice of Corporate Sustainability

Brings in under a single canopy the 17 SDGs the entire global database architecture integrating GNH and GDP combo. Transcript: https://ibcm.in/podcast-episode-12-practice-of-corporate-sustainability-2/

Podcast Episode #11: on the proposed book: ’Practice of Corporate Sustainability

Proposed Book Practice of Corporate Sustainability,

Podcast Episode 10 Suggestions by CREAM Technology on Draft National Policy – the Ministry of MSMEs

CREAM Technology is the unified theory of management that establishes the interactions between policies, practices, and the society like that of the well-established mathematical and natural sciences, with a logical structure.

Podcast Episode #9: IBCM Consulting – 5 steps to Nirvana

Nirvana is the state of the cessation of suffering and its causes.

Step 1: CREAM Audit:
Step 2: CREAM Strategy Plan 2030
Step 3: CREAM Implementation,
Step 4: CREAM Training,
Step 5: CREAM Action Plan.

Podcast Episode #8: RFP – Dynamic Database System for I 4.0

Transcript Podcast Episode #8: RFP – Dynamic Database System for I 4.0


How does Satya Nadella’s dual posts in Microsoft measure up to CREAM-Ratings?

Microsoft Corp. named Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella as board chairman. Satya would continue to be the CEO. Is there a conflict of interest, is there a conflict of personal interest or is there a conflict of conscience vis-à-vis the Corporate Atomic Structure? Visit creamratings.com and become CREAM Ratings Certified Professional, which addresses Project SEEDContinue reading “How does Satya Nadella’s dual posts in Microsoft measure up to CREAM-Ratings?”

If not now, when? If not you, then who?

Corporate Critical Density 1. What is the Energy force of your organization? The latest jargon around corporate offices is sustainability, isn’t it? What profits of yours are sustainable? What energy have you derived from your strategies, from your initiatives? Or what have you lost by interacting with the government, with the competition? What does aContinue reading “If not now, when? If not you, then who?”

#CSR the biggest and most dynamic corporate function of 21st Century

The school children meditate It was on Friday 8th April, 2011 that students of a primary school Satya Surabhi, situated at a village at

Harmonizing #CSR and #Sustainability

In a recent post by Aman Das in Vault.com on the topic The 2011 CSR Debate, Part 1: CSR Is an Evolution, Not a Revolution by Henk Campher http://bit.ly/heUhHI and on the same site another interesting post The 2011 CSR Debate, Part 2: It’s Sustainability, stupid! by Alberto Andreu,

Measuring Corporate Sustainability Leadership

UN Global Compact defines Corporate sustainability as a company’s delivery of long-term value in financial, social, environmental and ethical terms. It is about 10 years since it has brought out the 10 Principles covering four issue areas of the UN Global Compact – Human Rights, Labour, Environment, Anti-Corruption – but it endeavors to go beyondContinue reading “Measuring Corporate Sustainability Leadership”