Podcast Episode #20 SDG Goal#5 – Women Empowerment – Series 1 – DIY

Podcast Episode #20 SDG Goal#5 – Women Empowerment – Series 1 – DIY


Podcast Episode #20 SDG Goal#5 – Women Empowerment – Series 1 – DI

In a series of short videos, I shall bring you the essence of Women’s Empowerment, an extract from what I have published on my site https://ibcm.in/homepage/ CorporateMOM

The Basic course is indeed overarching. Keynes’ Troika of Entanglement Moral, Hedonistic, and Economic aspects. Philosophers, Scientists, Economists as well as consultants as advisories. It deals with a case study on Volkswagen overarching again with SOS [Subject-Object-Self] Governance standards brought in. All roads lead to Rome as the saying goes for SDG Goal#5 Gender Equality which is Women’s Empowerment. With these short videos, I shall bring to you the purpose – Women Empowerment – the first of a series SDG Goal#5 – Women Empowerment – Series 1 – DIY

Snapshot from CorporateMOM – for full details downloadable files are made available at my site: https://ibcm.in/homepage/

This is from CorporateMOM – ref.: 1.3. Part 3 – Who Are You? G.I.R.L.S.: S – Strategy

Quote: Ladies and Girls,

Women’s Empowerment: Please note Women’s Empowerment – ask yourself who is to empower whom?

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Women’s suffrage: 1. In the US: For women the right to vote, a right known as women’s suffrage, was ratified on August 18, 1920, ending almost a century of protest. 2. In the UK on the 10th of January 1918 the House of Lords gave approval for women over the age of thirty who met a property qualification to vote.

After women’s suffrage came into play what happened next? Nothing absolutely nothing. Women Suffrage once obtained what did the women get? Nothing. That’s because they didn’t have the plan to start with and thereby no plan of action to follow. Unquote. {My Podcast Episode #17]

That’s what this Lesson #1 brings to Women Equity, a plan of action to bring about a complete change in the principles of women’s empowerment. The Boys only Club is going to be the most benefited, for having CorporateMOM orbiting the Corporate Nucleus with the CEO Team.


Race, Nationality, Age, Ethnicity, culture, etc., etc., for women that we know of? This would exasperate women to no end. Take the example of a flight stewardess or accounts executive. Having been entrusted with the co-responsibility factors for overseeing value systems within a company why should we get into the Diversity factor? Women have to think in terms of unity in diversity not accentuate differences between them. Take note.

Equity: Women or Men Equity is the effort each person puts in and her/ his personal earnings out of their own performance. Ethical Assets are earned. It belongs to the individual and not to the company.


Empowering women with the dual responsibility for creating fiscal and ethical assets would have a tectonic shift in corporate development and growth. The wise Board of Directors shall take note of it.

Code of collaboration and Together4Integrity are excellent policy documents that would energize companies around the world. Not only in VW but in any company when they adopt.

For implementing Sustainability of Value Systems women are naturally born with. CorporateMOM – Corporate Management Orbiter Mission –  is the Strategy Plan with which women must go forward.

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