Podcast Episode #21 SDG Goal#5 – Women Empowerment – Series 2 – CorporateMOM


Podcast Episode #21 SDG Goal#5 – Women Empowerment – Series 2 – CorporateMOM


CorporateMOM is Corporate Management Orbiter Mission. In series #2 I shall touch upon the role that shall be played by Women Empowerment. The case study undertaken is Volkswagen. I am giving the Volkswagen Fiscal-Ethical-cum-co-resposnsibility Framework.

There are 170 open-ended process blocks, a Subject-Object distinction of Qualitative -Quantitative Elements of Management that every company has. Quantitative is just about 12 that we show in the Balance Sheet and P&L whereas 158 qualitative elements such as code of good conduct or code of business principles or corporate culture we do not measure but ignore.

Volkswagen’s study of creating a framework that I am giving in this series #2, is critical for companies to progress. The classic case is Twitter. Herbert Diess has recognized and brought about the needed changes in establishing a value system within. @elonmusk should look into it. Not that Twitter is unique as every company must have a study of what Volkswagen has initiated and how CREAM Technology assists companies to grow.

Women’s Empowerment is important and that’s why CREAM Technology has come out with this Basic Course. Elon Musk shall follow Herbert Diess and Volkswagen is not a competitor by any stretch of the imagination. Investment in Twitter cannot be by RoI Return on Investment but by RoI Return on Intangible that CREAM Technology facilitates. Here I am with Series 2 – CorporateMOM how Women Empowerment brings stability to an organization through their Corporate Management Orbiter Mission.

My Message:

To err is human and to correct it is superhuman. That’s what Herbert Diess is. Germany after World War II had Konrad Adenauer reconstructing the nation from ruins. One is economic ruin and another is corruption as Kofi Annan says, an insidious plaque that has a wide range of corrosive effects on societies. PM Modi and Herbert Diess are of superior kinds in bringing value systems within their domains.

It can be accomplished not by catchwords but by Women’s Empowerment. CorporateMOM is an absolute necessity for constructing values in any company. I find Women’s Equity central to the 17 SDGs. Ensuring its success in each of the 17 SDGs is going to trigger a tectonic shift in the three spheres of influence – political, economic, and public life.

As I said in Lesson 1, we are living on a DIY Planet. Philosophers, Scientists, Economists, and Consultants are just advisories. As said in Strategy Plan Process, “Our Commitment Deeper and And Our Efforts Greater” ushering in Women Empowerment that truly would take corporate to greater heights.

Women Empowerment as a policy document must emanate from corporate whereas Women Equity is a MeRIT Tracker for Women that CREAM Technology offers in measuring, recording, implementing, and tracking women equity by each person. That’s all.

Podcast Episode #21 SDG Goal#5 – Women Empowerment – Series 2 – CorporateMOM

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