Podcast Episode #22: Women Empowerment series 3- Knowledge Base

Podcast Episode #22: Women Empowerment series 3- Knowledge Base

Rule expresses the truth and justifies the conduct.

WEP, GEI, GEM, and SSE are suggested rules or policies to follow, set by different agencies like UNCTAD or Bloomberg, or World Bank.

Justifying the conduct is to ensure there are no policy accidents or policy politics.

Women’s Equity is the resultant measurement of women’s empowerment.

In a company of say 1 million workforce, if 30% are women, then 300k women equity is obtained.

That’s the knowledge base of women’s equity for a single company. That knowledge base is the goal of ethics.

Imparting this knowledge is the Education CREAM Technology provides.

My suggestion for companies is to install the three lessons in your intranet and start creating your knowledge base. In Podcast Episode #21, my previous one, I have given the Volkswagen Fiscal-Ethical-cum-Co-responsibility Framework. These three lessons in your intranet will assist you, rather bring confidence in yourself, as I keep on telling you we are living on a DIY planet, for the creation of a knowledge base of Men+Women Equity for Fiscal Responsibility and Women Equity for Ethical-cum-co-responsibility

Podcast Episode #22: Women Empowerment series 3- Knowledge Base

An extract from CorporateMOM

3.1. Women Empowerment – An Intro Lesson 3 – MeRIT
Who are you? G.I.R.L.S CorporateMOM

3.1.1. This course is designed to make you understand and make sure each woman is empowered. And your status, be measured, recorded, and tracked throughout one’s journey in your development in all three spheres of influence, from an intern to a CEO to Chairman Emeritus.

3.1.2. The most important aspect of this exercise is to develop a strategic advancement in the organization one works for, extending your spheres of influence to every other 16 SDG Development Goals. The course study will bring you confidence and be aware of the responsibility for leadership at all levels of decision making

3.2. 1 The 17 SDGs are trifurcated into 3 Pillars – 9 Social, 4-Environmental, and 4- Economic Development Goals.

DEI is explained, vis-à-vis the 4 main techniques used by different organizations. Women’s Empowerment Principles [WEP], Gender Equality Index [GEI], Gender Equity Model [GEM], Sustainable Stock Exchanges – SSE.

What are they? How do they gel with Goal #5 – Gender Equality?

3.2.2. Goal #5 – Gender Equality – is part of the 9- Social pillar. Will remain the main pillar for the entire 17 SDGs. DEI is explained, vis-à-vis the 4 main techniques used by different organizations.

3 . 2 . 3 . Based on which Corporate Sustainability Report is prepared wherein Operation Women Equity [OWE] is the principal mover. The entire 17 SDGs depend on the success of OWE.

3.2.4. CREAM Technology by MeRIT – Measures, Records, Implements, and Tracks the main beneficiary of the 17 SDGs – a Woman, every one of them by Women Equity.

3.2.5. Inclusion:

Empowering women with the dual responsibility for creating fiscal and ethical assets would have a tectonic shift in corporate development and growth. The wise Board of Directors shall take note of it.

Code of collaboration and Together4Integrity are excellent policy documents that would energize companies around the world. Not only in VW but in any company when they adopt.

For implementing Sustainability of Value Systems women are naturally born with. CorporateMOM – Corporate Management Orbiter Mission –  is the Strategy Plan with which women must go forward.

How to measure, record and track women’s equity I explain in Lesson #3. MeRIT – Measure, Record, Implement, and Track.

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