Podcast Episode 29 International Women’s Day 2023: CorporateMOM – a snapshot

International Women's Day 2023: CorporateMOM - a snapshot

Podcast Episode 29 International Women’s Day 2023: CorporateMOM – a snapshot


I am giving here a snapshot of CorporateMOM that breaks The Boys only Club Syndrome. You will see how Industrial Revolutions 1, 2, and 3 have led us. What’s in store in I 4.0? Corporate goes by only object governance. CorporateMOM provides a company with a tool to measure the Subject-Object-Self Governance aspects of Qualitative and Quantitative elements of management. There are 200 of them, as you will see from CorporateMOM, downloadable at https://ibcm.in/ 12 out of 200 are quantitative the rest 188 are qualitative elements of management.

CorporateMOM breaks the barrier by entrusting the 188 open-ended process blocks of qualitative elements of management to Women Empowerment who would hold the dual responsibility of the management of corporate affairs. This is very much needed for corporate to run smoothly with Ethical-cum-co-responsibility factors duly acted upon by women leadership.

CorporateMOM looks into in detail the Capability Model of Women Leadership by MeRIT: Measure, Record, Implement, and Track. Troika of entanglement – of Women – analyzed:


G – SOS Governance – Troika of Entanglement – Subject, Object and Self-Governance.
I -Inspiration: Troika of entanglement: Inspiration, Innovation, Imagination. CorporateMOM – Corporate Management Orbiter Mission by Women Empowerment.
R – Responsibility: Troika of Entanglement: Fiscal Responsibility, Ethical Responsibility, and Co-Responsibility.
L – Leadership: Troika of entanglement: Self-awareness, Self-control, Self-governance
S – Strategy for Women Empowerment: Troika of Entanglement D – Diversity, E – Equity, I – Inclusion.

Women have immense capability as well as untainted by Keynes’s Troika of Entanglement – Moral, Hedonistic [the two traps for MEN], and Economic.

When a company realizes the potential aspects of Women then 188 out of 200 ethical cum-co-responsibility factors be entrusted to them in addition to the dual responsibility women would continue to assume. That is CorporateMOM – Corporate Management Orbiter Mission – that would take companies for smooth sailing with a ‘Goldilocks Effect. This is EPP – [GDP~GNH] Integrated Multiplier. GNH can come only when a value system is established in any company which can come only through Women’s Empowerment.


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