Podcast Episode #30 CorporateMOM – Sustainability of Corporate Stability

Podcast Episode #30 CorporateMOM – Sustainability of Corporate Stability


CorporateMOM is Corporate Management Orbiter Mission. Corporate is the central pillar of the global economy but collectively the current eco-system has made it unstable. Make it stable. The mission is to make sure the Sustainability of Corporate Stability is ensured. That’s the purpose. There’s no different opinion among any as to stabilize the corporate management. The key word is sustainability, which is sustained corporate stability.

Lessons we learn from SVB?

Lessons we learn from SVB?

1. Unstable corporate architecture.

CorporateMOM deals comprehensively with Corporate Atomic Structure.

2. No Accountability:

CorporateMOM deals comprehensively with Return on Intangible.

3. No Governance

CorporateMOM deals comprehensively with Subject – Object – Self-governance Framework.

[Amazing isn’t it? Same issues as they were from Industrial Revolution – i 1.0, i2.0, i 3.0 and going on in i 4.0?]

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