Podcast Episode #21 SDG Goal#5 – Women Empowerment – Series 2 – CorporateMOM


Podcast Episode #21 SDG Goal#5 – Women Empowerment – Series 2 – CorporateMOM



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Podcast Episode #21 SDG Goal#5 – Women Empowerment – Series 2 – CorporateMOM

CorporateMOM is Corporate Management Orbiter Mission. In series #2 I shall touch upon the role that shall be played by Women’s Empowerment. The case study undertaken is #Volkswagen. I am giving the Volkswagen Fiscal-Ethical-cum-co-resposnsibility Framework.

There are 170 open-ended process blocks, a Subject-Object distinction of Qualitative -Quantitative Elements of Management that every company has. Quantitative is just about 12 that we show in the Balance Sheet and P&L whereas 158 qualitative elements such as code of good conduct or code of business principles or corporate culture we do not measure but ignore.

Volkswagen’s study of creating a framework that I am giving in this series #2, is critical for companies to progress. The classic case is Twitter. Herbert Diess has recognized and brought about the needed changes in establishing a value system within. @elonmusk should look into it. Not that Twitter is unique as every company must have a study of what Volkswagen has initiated and how CREAM Technology assists companies to grow.

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Women’s Empowerment is important and that’s why CREAM Technology has come out with CorporateMOM https://ibcm.in/homepage/. Elon Musk shall follow Herbert Diess and Volkswagen is not a competitor by any stretch of the imagination. Investment in Twitter cannot be by RoI Return on Investment but by RoI Return on Intangible that CREAM Technology facilitates. Here I am with Series 2 – CorporateMOM how Women Empowerment brings stability to an organization through their Corporate Management Orbiter Mission.

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