Podcast Episode #8: RFP – Dynamic Database System for I 4.0

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Knowledge-based CREAM Ratings Platform.

Podcast Episode #8: RFP – Dynamic Database System, for I 4.0,


CREAM is an acronym for Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Earnings, Accounting Quality, and Management Quality.

I propose to construct two Modules – 1. Self-development Goals and 2. Strategy Plan 2030.

  1. Self-development Goals – set your goals set your targets and go and get it. Two kinds – creative process and action process – create an IPR or accomplish the tasks you have set. Unleash your energy. Leading to GNH Index computation.
  2. Strategy Plan 2030 – This is an extension of self-development goas taking to the workplace. Set targets and reach them, as a team yoked together but work independently. Leading to GDP computation.

Unleashing energy is the new form of capitalism, rather it is capitalism. Toward transition to a Green Economy transforming people, particularly the MSMEs, 63 million of them in India alone, effecting Societal changes.

Return on Intangible is the EPP – Effort per Person – heralding the transformation of entire systems of production, management, and governance. With Metrics and Benchmarks that would remain unchallenged, forever.

Podcast Episode #8: RFP – Dynamic Database System for I 4.0
Transcript Podcast Episode #8: RFP – Dynamic Database System for I 4.0

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