1. I4.0 The Fourth Industrial Revolution

There are two specific factors i. DCF and ii. JIT in consolidating the knowledge of corporate management. DCF is related to our usual RoI – Return on Investment. This is essential. No AI or advance technology be brought in without a DCF yield calculation, THE major flaw of the Third Revolution – Digital transformation without a care? ii. JIT – what’s JIT? Just In Time. The CREAM Ratings consider three formulas. 1. Energy is liberated matter, 2. Matter where energy is waiting to happen and 3. when antimatter collides with matter it forms a pure energy.

2. Return On Intangible – The Everlasting CapitalismRoI

This RoI – Return on Intangible is unique. Numerator is Action or Inaction, denominator the pulsating energy, with a value of 1.

RoI is the essence of JIT for each person. Finding EPP – Effort Per Person, JIT is represented in formula #2 with an Index of Inactivity. For each person and for each task. When the effort is optimized the formula #2 stands out as having energized the task sending to formula #1 where it is liberated. That’s what the Module 2 says so, Who are you? Finding the constant. It is a capability model where skills and energies of each individual is optimzed.

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So DCF is for the object whereas JIT is for the subject who has the pulsating energy to liberate the matter and energize the corporate management.

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3. Causality – Corporate Balancing Act

Causality is the many mishaps in terms of billions of dollars corporate management fails to deliver. The modules bring about such instances by raising the questions and highlighting the depth of our answers.

CREAM Certified professionals are set on a voyage of free mind and courage in the path of creating robust companies around the world.

Perfect your decision making process.

4. Strategy Planning Process

The most advanced Strategy Planning process, with Benchmarks and Metrics that would remain unchallenged forever, yes forever. This includes qualitative elements of management for inclusion in ERP. An organization, the participants would learn, has about 170 open-ended process blocks, out of which 12 belong to quantitative elements and the balance 158 qualitative elements of management.

We are running our organizations with just the 12 quantitative elements of management.

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Project SEED worked out for a $1.5 trillion economy is a study of CREAM Ratings extended to GDP-GNH combo, that is Gross National Happiness index prepared from bottom to top. CAGR is brought to CDGR so that Daily growth rate is done with the main motto expressed under CREAM Ratings – Measure cost consequence, Now, Now, Now.

Cost of inaction must be brought to zero and that is the objective of JIT by formula #2, when Index of Inactivity is brought to nil?

5. Project SEED – Measuring the progress of 17 SDGs

The strategy plan for 2026 is derived by bringing under a single umbrella all the 17 SDGs in three parts – Social, Environmental and Economic Development. Project SEED is a compact EPP [Effort per Person] toolkit to measure individual performance as well as taking to a GDP level.

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6. Society as corporate neutron

The Society is brought into the Board Room. Well defined Corporate Atomic Structure.

In the context of I4.0, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Societal change would spearhead the revolution. Corporate shall take note of what society teaches. Society teaches in different ways, violent, nonviolent, revolution, or by a strenuous process of explication of laws.

The flaws of the Third revolution are visible that are by stoking the passions of greed, slow and sure decay of morality, and social order culminating in high unemployment, Occupy Wall Street, and BLM movements. Corporate managers should equip themselves with societal changes. Universities shall take note of it.

The emphasis on I4.0 would be more on societal changes than technological advancement.

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7. The applicability

There are 9 Modules under Project ELITE, Education & Learning, where individuals on successful completion would become CREAM Certified Professionals that would carry them through Implementation, Training, Execution for the organizations they would take part – as an employee, as a consultant, as an owner, as a member of the board of directors, as an independent director, as a stakeholder, as an Auditor, as a banker, as a University Professor, as an investor covering the entire gamut of stakeholders with Society topping the list, not to forget the NGOs.

What People Say

Mass and energy have an equivalence: Energy is liberated matter; matter is energy waiting to happen.

Martin Rees

We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers.

Carl Sagan

IBCM – Inactivity Based Cost Management: Activity has a cost incidence whereas Inactivity a Cost Consequence. Measure Cost consequence Now, Now, Now.

Jayaraman Rajah Iyer

Let’s build Society together.

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