Podcast Episode #4 Accounting for dreams

Accounting for Dreams


Align BDO & Audit profession practices with Accounting for dreams

CREAM Ratings the catalyst for the fourth industrial revolution

Video Podcast/ Transcript

Accounting for dreams

Slide 1 Title page Slide 2: The Fourth Industrial Revolution
Slide 3 Launching CREAM Ratings Academy
Slide 4: Preamble – aligning BDO with I 4.0 The Fourth Industrial Revolution
Slide 5: The Penalty of Leadership – Audit Profession
Slide 6: Accounting for Dreams
Slide 7: Onerous Responsibility – Audit profession; Corporate Management Operating Systems; Auditors Role
Slide 8: Audit Profession – Governance, Audit Profession – Responsibility, Penalty of Leadership – Authority, Regulatory Body – IT Industry – Credibility, Audit Profession – Enablement.
Slide 9: GRACE of the Audit Profession
Slide 10: Next Section
Slide 11: Chapter 1 Causality
Slide 12: Who are you? Unleashing other people’s energy.
Slide 13 Intangible Assets – The Root Cause of Economic Collapse – Arbitrary power
Slide 14: Intangible Defined -The Science of Metaphysics
Slide 15: Measuring the Intangible – Accounting for Dreams
Slide 16: Inactivity-Based Cost Management. Measure Cost Consequence, Now, Now, Now.
Slide 17: Principle #3: Corporate Atomic Structure
Slide 18: Principle #4: Return on Intangible
Slide 19: Principle #5: Emergent Property Phenomenon
Slide 20: Chapter 7 – The Board – Corporate Proton, Chapter 8 – The CEO Practices and CREAM Report for Corporate Electron
Slide 21: Society for Corporate Neutron – Chapter 9


Klaus Schwab: There are three reasons for the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: velocity, scope, and systems impact. And the breadth and depth of these changes herald the transformation of entire systems of production, management, and governance.

Keith Farlinger of BDO – Dreams aren’t about seeing opportunities, they’re about seizing them – and they’re not about today, they’re about tomorrow.

Jayar: The Audit profession has been rendered ineffective by becoming a caged lion, by building the cage themselves strenuously. Come out of the cage. The Audit profession has to take back control of GRACE – Governance, Responsibility, Authority, Credibility, and Enablement as well as equip to measure qualitative elements of management, which are the Ethical Assets of a company.

CREAM Ratings is the catalyst, for the stability of the I 4.0.

The dream you should by CAGR and account for it by CDGR – Measuring the cost consequence, Now, Now, Now.

I commend BDO by Global Review 2018. Big audit firms shall lead by example and guide the profession to glory.Accounting for Dreams – Video Podcast

Accounting for Dreams

Transcript: Accounting for Dreams {Whitepaper I 4.0]

This transcript file is the White Paper on I 4.0 The Fourth Industrial Revolution, not a white dot on a white paper that the Third Industrial Revolution promoted with IAS 38 Intangible Assets. Scrap it and reintroduce IAS 9 Research and Development Costs.

What is Accounting for dreams?

We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before.
Klaus Schwab
Klaus Schwab – Statement
Credit weforum.org

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