Podcast Episode #10:Suggestions by CREAM Technology – MSMEs Transformation



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Podcast Episode #10:Suggestions by CREAM Technology – MSMEs Transformation

The Draft National Policy for MSMEs contains four issue areas:

  1. Need for Policy,
  2. Vision,
  3. Objectives
  4. Action Areas.

In addition, there are six annexures, ranging from Recommendations, RBI Committee Findings, International Best Practices, States initiatives, Regulatory Framework, Access to Finance/technology, and Inter-country reform on MSMEs.

Looking at it from the CREAM Technology points of observation, the Draft National Policy is analyzed and my suggestions are submitted to the Ministry.

CREAM Technology is the unified theory of management that establishes the interactions between policies, practices, and society like that of the well-established mathematical and natural sciences, with a logical structure. The Draft National Policy for MSMEs, therefore, is critically looked at, as to the beneficiaries who are the 110 million workforces of the MSME sector., who make up a major chunk of Society. The societal changes are brought into focus and the policy accidents and policy politics that have mired the MSMEs are converted into a fundamental force to be reckoned with, in the Indian Economy.

Podcast Episode #10: Suggestions by CREAM Technology: on Draft National Policy – the Ministry of MSMEs.

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