Module 5 – Measuring the Intangible – Project SEED

Module 5 – Measuring the Intangible

The Corporate Transformation CauseThe six stages of transformation to substance

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The creation of substance: Mass and energy have an equivalence: Energy is liberated matter; matter is energy waiting to happen. Every subatomic particle not only performs an energy dance but also is an energy dance, a pulsating process of creation and destruction.

The creation of substance is the natural process of corporate planning. What we are hitherto confined to look at as tangible matter that forms only fiscal assets, here we also look into the creation of ethical assets. The Strategy Plan encompasses both ethical assets and fiscal assets.

This time emphasis is on ethical assets and how shall they be created to be active and make their subatomic particles dance.

The future of corporate, its very existence as a strong, robust organization, would be on this score where energy is from liberated ethical assets.

Book extract

“Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.”

Galileo Galilei


Module 5: The Takeaways

1. What You Will Learn, 2. Skills You Will Gain, 3. About This Specialization, 4. Course Assessment, 5. After Completion Of This Module You Will Be Able To:,6. The time Required For This Module 5 Is:


Module 5 – Deriving Metrics – Then application Project SEED


The main lecture includes details of Project SEED – Social, Environmental, and Economic Development issue areas under the architecture of 17 SDGs. GSDP Gujarat State Domestic Product of $1.5 trillion blueprints is the hallmark of 1. constructing from Individual CREAM Ratings at the micro-level to GNH- Gross National Happiness Index and GDP – Gross Domestic Product, at the macro-level. 2. Data created is on the basis that data at the National or Global level such as National Budget, World Bank, FAO, OECD, IMF carry the data that is connected to the individual performance at the micro-level.

Further reading materials, in addition to the lecture above on CREAM Ratings Module 5 – Measuring the Intangible, would assist individuals to : 1. What you will learn, 2. Skills you will gain, 3. About this specialization – Deriving Metrics and Project SEED – Social, Environmental and Economic Development Goals, 4. Course Assessment – Write a report and submit for evaluation, 5. After completion of the Module confirmation of what you would be able to accomplish and 6. Time suggested for this Module 5 – Measuring the Intangible, as part of Project ELITE – Education, Learning, Implementation, Training, Execution.

Further reading materials include 1. Chapter 5 – Measuring the Intangible: from the Book and 2. 170 open-ended Process Blocks.


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I4.0 The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Two main criteria:

  1. Advanced Digital Technology
  2. Societal Change

Module 5 establishes Metrics that would remain unchallenged forever.

Project SEED uses the derived Metrics to connect from piggy bank to world bank data.

Advanced digital technology would use DCF yield for any investments in AI and others.

EPP – Effort per person would be by JIT – an Index of Inactivity of performance as well as non-performance, of each individual.

 There are 9 Modules under Project ELITE, Education & Learning, where individuals on successful completion would become CREAM Ratings Certified Professionals that would carry them through Implementation, Training, and Execution for the organizations they would take part – as an employee, as a consultant, as an owner, as a member of the board of directors, as an independent director, as a stakeholder, as an Auditor, as a banker, as an investor covering the entire gamut of stakeholders with Society topping the list.


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