Podcast Episode #5 Accounting for Climate Change



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Accounting for Climate Change

Transcript: Accounting for Climate Change {Whitepaper on Climate Change]

Based on my recent participation in the discussion hosted by WTE Forum I am pleased to come out with the Whitepaper on Accounting for Climate change as my podcast Episode #5.

I draw my conclusions, based on the talk by internationally acclaimed professors and scientists who were part of the discussion on CO2 Emissions.

I analyze CO2 data Total by country as well as per capita but present what the scenario would be per square KM area for two sets of stats. Then based on the speaker’s expertise in this field I offer this white paper on Accounting for Climate Change.

I offer a solution based on my IPR on CREAM Ratings – CREAM – Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Earnings, Accounting Quality and Management Quality.

In addition, what I am currently working on for a client on the MSME platform for given criteria would include how to align the 63 million MSMEs into Scope 1,2,3 compliant units. The best shot is EPP – Effort per Person derivation that would surely bring down the CO2 Emission. Have a good read. Thanks.


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