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hi there, you are about to embark on a most fascinating Corporate Management Operating Systems by CREAM Ratings toolkit. Be my guest.

Let me take you through my intro talk:

CREAM Ratings : Intro Talk

The intro talk is amplified with a detailed info on my book: Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability: Measuring Fiscal and Ethical Assets. Please see the attached: The Book of Changes – an Intro.pdf

The Book of Changes

In the traditional Book of Changes I Ching, which I was familiar with a few years back, no major decision is ever made without consulting in China. So be it. But what we see if they do not consult is seen the world catastrophic events post Covid-19.

In Industry, Commerce, and Banking we have been witnessing the post-Covid-19 scenario for several decades. CREAM Ratings is set to become The Book of Changes in the I4.0 Fourth Industrial Revolution. Please do take time to go through all the 9 Modules and know why CREAM Ratings is the Book of Changes for corporate management practitioners.

CREAM Ratings – The Book of Changes – An Intro

The following file searches.pdf is an indicator of organizations who had evinced great interest in the subject matter that is CREAM Ratings. It gives me a lot of satisfaction as to the variety of institutions, corporate, government to have taken the trouble seeing my posts on LinkedIn but some have taken the interest to search my Profile therein. Those who have subscribed for CREAM Ratings – toolkit may please be assured of qualitative individuals from qualitative corporate, government, universities had a peep into the Intangible subject matter. I am confident the CREAM Ratings Forum would lead to resolving many a problem the industry faces and offers a positive solution as to how we shall proceed toward I4.0 The Fourth Industrial Revolution. I4.0 has two elements 1. Advanced digital technology and 2. Society changes. Subscribers would know intensely what makes the difference and how the future is secured by CREAM Ratings.

Podcasts downloads and LinkedIn Searches
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Over to : CREAM Ratings Module 1 Causality

Module 2 – Causality

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