The Science of Metaphysics – Accelerating Tech Advancement in MES


This is my weekly report #3, the science of metaphysics accelerating tech advancement in MES – Manufacturing Execution Systems, about the I4.0 the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the offing vis-a-vis CREAM Ratings.

Connecting the dots looking backward you will learn the flaws of very major ones in the second and the third industrial revolution. I build up looking forward to MES as a case study as to how the IT sector could bring about a change in the I4.0 – Tech Advancement and Societal Changes.

I am working on CREAM rating methodology via WordPress so that the knowledge reaches many individuals. This week I shall announce the steps to spread the knowledge to many without any fee but a commitment to learning would be done via the assessment methodology put in.

The Fourth Industrial revolution I4.0 will be led by Certified CREAM Report professionals. Sponsor your candidates. Then get a CREAM Report done for your organization, and I shall guide you.

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