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Launching CREAM Rating dot com

I am pleased to launch my website via LinkedIn.

I invite corporate managers to visit the site under my Project ELITE – Education, Learning, Implementation, Training, and execution.

The website has more than 100 posts in the last 11 years. I have added CREAM Ratings to it for the benefit of the Industry toward establishing Corporate management Operating Systems within each company.

CREAM Ratings Certified Professionals would carry them through Project ELITE for the organizations they would take part – as an employee, as a consultant, as an owner, as a member of the board of directors, as an independent director, as a stakeholder, as an Auditor, as a banker, as a University Professor, as an investor covering the entire gamut of stakeholders with Society topping the list.

The central theme is that I4.0 The Fourth Industrial Revolution would be of two factors: 1. Advanced Digital Technology and 2. The Societal changes. Corporate Managers would necessarily need to equip with the Societal changes that are crucial for the advancement of I4.0.

Thanks. LinkedIn has been an excellent launchpad for CREAM Ratings.

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