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Resources of an entire nation is handed over to the management of Corporate or duly elected representatives of the Government who collectively have the Fiscal Responsibility to report back to the owners. It is the Ethical Responsibility of the people therefore to ask for and get the Public Reporting on the management of the resources from the Fiscal Responsibility group, be it Corporate or Government in every field of activity be it Agriculture or Space exploration.

Free enterprise is an expression of freedom, whereas Ethical Responsibility is an expression of liberty, that threshold values emanate to bridge Ethical and Fiscal Responsibility.’ This blog recommends in areas of Ethical Responsibility, from the viewpoint of expression stated herein. `Ask for & get it.’ is not an easy. People have to take the journey  a long and hazardous one.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Please click on the link to know more about Angel’s Advocate. Governance is not there anywhere and hence democracy is in peril, be it US, UK, Europe or India. Be my guest. Have a look at this blog and feel free to comment upon. Angel’s Advocate not only recommends but measures Governance in the scale of 0 – 5. The mentioned countries are ranked thus: US – 0, UK – 0, Europe – 0 and India – 0 – BIG ZERO. There’s nothing to be surprised about it as none know what is meant by Governance for they have assumed Arbitrary Power.

I think it is the most important factor to be discussed in G20, i.e. Agriculture, possibly next to the black money stashed in the tax havens that first of all needs a transparency from all the banks without exception including Vatican Bank. This would sufficiently release the funds very much needed for Agricultural development. Sarkozky is right with regard to the commodity exchange and derivatives damaging the supply of agricultural produce. If speculators would like to reap benefit from their hedging then they would thoroughly enjoy lesser production than plentiful supply. The shortage around the world China, Brazil, India the three major producers of the world would be the croupier’s delight. This has the direct relationship with the tax havens. So remove the agricultural produce from speculative enterprise.

Secondly world needs increase in agricultural produce. An agriculture based world economy doubling the produce in say 5 years’ time would greatly enhance the technology, the available arable lands, increase in the yield per hectare, linking satellites facilities for better farming,

conclusion on Genetically Modified seeds & advanced agricultural machinery. Speaking in 2009, as reported by Chicago, Catherine Bertini, former executive director, UN World Food Program; and Dan Glickman, former secretary, U.S. Department of Agriculture commented “The new pledge to commit $20 billion to global agricultural development.. has the potential to dramatically improve the livelihoods of more than 700 million of the world’s poor living in rural areas.” G20 must look not the $20 billion but a pledge of $1 trillion+ with the target of doubling the output globally in 5 years. India’s agriculture production is stagnated at 300m tonnes for several years. It has to double it to 600million tonnes. Focusing on Agriculture economy inflation worldwide will be contained and the growth of World Economy would be assured reducing the unemployment rate to 0%. All state and central governments around the world must submit a separate agriculture budget emergently instead of only the financial budget.

G20 should make economic sense.

  • UN Secretary-General Launches New Platform for Corporate Sustainability Leadership [29 January 2011]

Group of 54 Companies Makes Historic Commitment to Adopt Ambitious Sustainability Roadmap and Demonstrate Leadership in Tackling Global Challenges

(Davos/New York, 28 January 2011) – Underscoring the role of business in addressing global threats – from climate change to widespread poverty or humanitarian emergencies – a group of chief executives joined UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in Davos/Switzerland today for the launch of Global Compact LEAD – a new platform created by the UN Global Compact to take environmental, social and governance performance to the next level and set a new benchmark for corporate sustainability.

The executives represent a group of 54 companies, all participants of the UN Global Compact, that have made an ambitious commitment to work towards implementation of the Blueprint for Corporate Sustainability Leadership, a comprehensive roadmap outlining roughly 50 concrete actions businesses can take to achieve greater sustainability. The Blueprint was first introduced by the Global Compact in June 2010.

“The launch of Global Compact LEAD stresses the key role leading Global Compact participants have already played in advancing corporate responsibility around the world,” said Georg Kell, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact. “At the same time, Global Compact LEAD responds to the critical need for these leaders to scale up their efforts so that we can achieve tangible impact on global challenges.”

This is an important and significant development at Davos 2011 where 54 companies have endorsed United Nations Global Compact of 10 Principles. The Bhopal tragedy by Union Carbide or BP tragedy would have been averted had UNGC be in force at the time of such events happening. Meaning such events shall not occur again and despite of it an accident happens the world has recourse to the assurance conveyed by UNGC. The 54 companies shall no doubt be congratulated for this initiative and mind you every company on this planet must necessarily adopt UNGC in their AA & MA. It will come to stay. If UNCAC is the leader for Ethical Social Responsibility for the Governments, UNGC is for the Corporate. Together UNCAC and UNGC will be the driver for change management, particularly Human Rights.

I had the pleasure of working under Nasim Khwaja in Wellcome Foundation who was earlier CMD of Burroughs Wellcome Pakistan. Quite an upright and able manager. I have full faith in the capability of Pakistanis and I sincerely wish they turn the country to a powerhouse of Industry and Agriculture, which they have the capacilty to undertake and execute. Here is my posting in ToI y’day on the above topic.

I continue to believe Pakistan be given a major work outsourcing contracts such as supply of materials and labor to countries like Haiti, Sudan, Afghanistan that shall keep the industry in Pakistan growing and employment of resources better used. Despite heavy cash outgoing on both sides, e.g. Haiti as well Pakistan, there is no concrete evidence to show of any improvement. If industry in Pakistan does not pick up Taliban will walk in. Give contracts for supply of materials not money for reconstruction that get diverted. When India and Pakistan conduct joint-meeting at Bhutan consider the trade agreement to import from Pakistan. If Onion could be imported from there why not other materials. If trade between India and Pakistan improve tension will surely reduce in the region. US possibly is taking that step by bringing India and Pakistan together and let that be a success. The CIA thrillers at Lahore central market is the result of a deep rooted alienation between people purely on account of the industry and Agriculture to some extent in Pakistan are dead.

RBI Blames Jairam Ramesh for dip in FDI – Is it so or Is it Governance Deficit?

“The RBI records an “almost 36 per cent” dip in inward FDI during the first half of the current fiscal (April-September 2010). The RBI, in its report, points out that inward FDI during this period stood at only about $12.6 billion as against $19.8 billion inward flow witnessed during the same period last fiscal.

That it was not a global phenomenon is borne out of the fact that FDI inflow into other emerging economies during this period was up in the range of 6-53 per cent.

While India hardsells itself at Davos as a favoured destination among emerging economies like China, Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia among others, Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh’s “environment sensitive policies” seem to be driving foreign direct investments (FDI) away from the country.” Indian Express – 27 Jan 2011

“There are three reasons of FDI dip, 1. Environmental clearance, 2. Nuclear liability clauses that directly shook US corporate and 3. Governance deficit. RBI attributing the same to one of the three should be addressed by Ramesh Jairam by bringing in the mechanism to clear or reject beforehand. i.e. by People Participation as per Article 13 of UNCAC. Lavasa, Singur of Tatas, Sterilite Ind. at Thoothukudi, Hind. Unilever Thermometer plant at Kodaikanal, Union Carbide at Bhopal are all results of not consulting the local populace. Clearance must first come from the locals.

Then corruption for environmental clearance must be stopped.Make no mistake about it, this is the no. 1 reason for FDI inflow going down.

Then compensation for victims such as Union Carbide or Hind. Unilever must be cleared and then at the same time all future projects are insured for compensation before it is set-up.Collectively the projects are stalled awaiting clearance because of objections raised by the locals.

FDI not coming and RBI blaming Jairam Ramesh for it must be welcome to improve the situation. If FDI does not come fine, India is better off without it. Article 13 Participation of Society of UNCAC, if not fully integrated to the system of Governance, there is no way India would progress. Jairam Ramesh has done a good job and he should not compromise but make other related departments work in the same fashion. RBI must be thanked for pinpointing that the FDI has slowed down and the approach is not for Jairam Ramesh to relax but make Governance work better.

Legalities stop us from disclosing black money information: Pranab

The remark of Pranab of legalities that prevent disclosing black money reminds of Marie Antoinette’s remark, if the people have no bread, let them eat cake. Pranab shows his complete ignorance of the pulse of the people. Once George Yeo, Foreign Minister, Singapore, said ‘India will never have a revolution. China will need one every two-three centuries, their society is hierarchical, has one call centre. India is diverse’. So is USA, it is a very diverse society but built on human rights stone by stone. If President Allende of Chile was disposed off with the connivance of CIA and ATT, if Lockheed scandals rocked the nation when President Tanaka of Japan and Belgium Prince Barnard were indicted, US brought out FCPA – Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. When Watergate scandal shook the nation special Committee was appointed by the Senate that President Nixon had to resign. When Enron and WorldCom financial scandals broke out Sarbans Oxley Act was enacted. One may wonder why and how a US court could summon Kamal Nath but will realize the right of a US citizen who might have been once an Indian. That’s what is to come in India. Not a revolution but create a gridlock of Accountability to legislate laws so that culprits are caught and punished. The starting point is JPC and not a revolution from the people. The MPs through JPC have the onus of hearing the grave concerns of the people and become a matured democracy like US. If they fail then only revolution.

Ethical Responsibility and the People – Government of Trustees

  • Is it not a single party or two-party or multiple-party system that could ensure a ‘Government for the people’ but only a no-party system can?
  • Is not ‘Government for the people’ in suspended animation since the words emerged at Gettysburg?
  • Why should there be a political party in between the government and the governed?
  • Why not run a private corporate body with elected opposition parties – CEO and shadow CEO, in the Board room?
  • Why should legislature be stuffed with opposing parties & why not a set of Trustees arriving at a consensus with dissenting views recorded?
  • Why not nationalize all the parties, take over the assets by EC & Independents are elected directly with no-party affiliation for a Government of Trustees?
  • Why is there not a right to recall the elected representatives?
  • Why should the master having delegated the authority of his property to a Trustee be afraid of the servant?
  • Whoever came with the idea that the elected representatives are to be selected by a secret poll, when open ballot is an expression of individual liberty?
  • Why should a candidate be funded for canvassing and why not the voter be paid for compulsory voting?
  • Why should there be a banking secrecy laws and why not all the banking account be open to public scrutiny?
  • Is not Banking Secrecy Law an excuse for Switzerland lest it becomes bankrupt?
  • Are you not the owners of all property and resources of the nation. now having selected as your representative to look after your funds, find yourself  a mute witness to the happenings and being told that secrecy is the hallmark of the trustee’s use of  YOUR funds?
  • Why not shun the political party speeches, put a board at the main entrance of your constituency – we have selected our candidate for our constituency?
  • Ethical Responsibility – i.e. The People – Locate your Netaji and beg him/her to be your Trustee in the legislature. Every street of each constituency in India has got a hidden Netaji or Swami Vivekananda. Why not Doctor or an Engineer, a Teacher or a worker, a lawyer or a judge, a soldier or a cop, a farmer or a fakir, a moulvi or a priest, that you have them who are reliable to be your Trustees from your constituency be selected?
  • Are you electing your representative to the Legislature or a candidate to a party chieftain who goes and surrenders your hard earned liberty for a pittance?
  • Why not select a Trustee who signs his pledge to disclose his property and ready to submit for official & certification for Ethical Standards?
  • Why a war on terrorists is waged by a few but a war on corruption waged by none?
  • Ethical Responsibility i.e. the people : a passenger in an aircraft is provided with the video display of the real-time information on the flight path, a map covering the route, the position on dot, altitude, cruising speed, distance to destination, time from origination point and time to reach the destination. The passenger is given the assurance on the Governance aspects of the flight thereby giving a level of confidence while flying. When the captain announces the likely turbulence the passenger willingly clicks the safety belt without any murmur.
  • Why not select a set of Trustees who assure the people the Governance of their property on real-time monitoring like the video in the aircraft.
  • Is not Governance the most energetic force that has to be seen when in motion, not after?
  • Why not Government give a Public reporting of Public Expenditure online on a daily basis?
  • Why not elect a Governor or President direct to be the Managing Trustee with fixed terms?
  • Why not Trustees represent different bodies, Teachers, Medical, Accountancy, Farmer, Worker etc. each affiliated to a single Association of local, State, National and International Body?
  • Why not, establish Institute of Ethical Standards of India, as a statutory body by an Act of Parliament?
  • Why not, establish IESB – International Ethical Standards Board that shall graduate professionals to certify Public Officials in Government, Corporate, Professional Bodies, Trustees and Managing Trustees?
  • For the lack of an alternative, how long the People have to suffer the rascality of shenanigans, in Politics and in Business?

Ethical Responsibility and arbitrary power

Quote from Edmund Burke: Q: Those who give and those who receive arbitrary power are alike criminal; and there is no man but is bound to resist it to the best of his power, wherever it shall show its face to the world. It is a crime to bear it, when it can be rationally shaken off. Nothing but absolute impotence can justify men in not resisting it to the utmost of their ability. UQ

23rd January 2011″ Comment on Times of India: HC notice to EC on petition seeking fair poll in Tamil Nadu

No other single incident had damaged the very fabric of Democracy in the entire world than the effective usage of bribing the voters that started in Thirumangalam and practiced with impunity at Madurai. It is said RBI found enormous amount of counterfeit notes emanating from Madurai and Virudhunagar area after the last General Elections. First let me congratulate Muthuraj on his initiative to file the petition in the High Court of Madras.

Nothing but absolute impotence can justify men in not resisting it to the utmost of their ability, as to what is being practiced in Tamilnadu. It is not the awareness alone that could bring in the correction required in the system of polling. It is bringing the outside agencies such as the team of observers headed by Desmond Tutu and President Carter with CNN cameras following and reporting every incident all over Tamilnadu. The damage inflicted by Tamilnadu is a phenomena of global perspective on Democratic institutions that global watch is an absolute must.

Law and Arbitrary Power:

Edmund Burke: “Law and arbitrary power are in eternal enmity. Name me a magistrate, and I will name property; name me power, and I will name protection. It is a contradiction in terms, it is blasphemy in religion, it is wickedness in politics, to say that any man can have arbitrary power. In every patent of office the duty is included. For what else does a magistrate exist?”

Angel’s Advocate Recommends: For Members of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly:

1. @Yedyurappa Make a precedent. Bring in No-Confidence-Motion against Hans Bharadwaj and get it passed in the Assembly 22 January 2011

From ToI: BJP Must heed to what PC says. Swiss Bank revelations are chasing the Congress very fast before which the extent to which a situation that can be created, as it was before declaration of emergency by Indira Gandhi, is what Congress is trying very hard. Then bySibal and now by Hans Bharadwaj. BJP must heed to PC without succumbing to demonstration in the streets. Even if it is a precedent BJP must bring a no-confidence motion against Hans Bharadwaj and win it in the Assembly.

From Twitter: By opposing Hans Bhardwaj’s action does not imply I support Yeddy. I oppose the Arbitrary Power assumed by Hans Bhardwaj

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