Madam President, Declare War on Corruption

Madam President, Declare War on Corruption

Extract of my letter I wrote to the President of India on 27th December 2010:

I propose to you, Hon’ble Madam President:

  1. To call for the joint-session of Parliament and declare `War on Corruption’,
  2. To ratify the UNCAC Treaty,
  3. To reiterate that the three wings of Government have coequal duty and fiscal responsibility without one crossing the threshold values of the other,
  4. To enact Article 10 UNCAC – Public Reporting – by an Act of Parliament as a mandatory disclosure of Public Expenditure,
  5. To establish Institute of Ethical Standards of India, as a statutory body by an Act of Parliament.

Visitors are requested to go through this site on the book published that has as its main case-study on UNCAC – United Nations Convention Against Corruption. This book is the most comprehensive analysis and a tool to check corruption. Please see the Author, Book Review and please do get in touch with me to bring in a solid gridlock on the Government without a chance of any escape. UNCAC ratification will not only prevent corruption but would give the people a say in the government. UNCAC is a constitutional document far superior to Constitution of US including the 1st Amendment as well far superior to RTI. I will give the needed guidance. Request Amte or anyone not to go on a hunger strike but give me support to bring in the ratification of UNCAC by India. Rest, be assured of an effective control on corruption.

Jayaraman Rajah Iyer

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