CorporateMOM – Snapshot 2 – Emergent Property


Return on Intangible is a simple process once CAGR is brought to a CDGR level and allocation of duties to individuals part of a team of five is done. Daily performance with task accomplishments and deriving an Index of Inactivity converts the n-dimensional problems to n-problems of one dimension. That one dimension is the denominator, Intangible.


Snapshot 2 CorporateMOM – Emergent Property is the summation of benefits corporate gain in the implementation of CorporateMOM. I am giving here another leaf out of CorporateMOM the emergent property.

Management is simple that’s what emergent property expounds in this snapshot. Volkswagen case study is important as it has all the ingredients of an apple pie as Carl Sagan puts it “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of star stuff” So are we. Energize your company.

What if you go through the entire process of CorporateMOM for your company what emerges is your energy flow capability? You will find you don’t have to add anything more to get something more. It’s corporate yoga. Shed your fat and trim. That’s to say construct value and deconstruct what is valueless.
In Snapshot 2 I have also added outside of CorporateMOM aspects of two great personalities – one on the cause and the other on the diagnosis. College students are the ones who would be Reverse Mentors in organizations they would work for. Interns shall take note of it that they are the primary energy source to infuse life into the inert ecosystem. Change, change, change the denominator.

IT sector without a regulatory body is a blessing in disguise for them to self-govern. They will succeed with plenty of women working in this sector, naturally born with self-governance. They don’t need third-party assurance. It’s a world of opportunities CorporateMOM opens up. Make the best use of it.


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