The New Global Brand Name – CORPORATE CITIZEN

The New Global Brand Name – CORPORATE CITIZEN Hi thanks, WordPress community. It was a great response from you – I present here the salient points of my book via youtube. There are two parts to it 1. Intellectual Value Capital and 2. Action Value Capital. The first part expresses succinctly how the book isContinue reading “The New Global Brand Name – CORPORATE CITIZEN”

How to hasten India’s economic recovery – Caught between NCLT and COVID-19 ?

  Firstly, I present the four-issue areas selected from my Book, Return on Intangible, Measuring Fiscal and Ethical Assets, due for release in June 2020 from the US: 1. DIY kit for Corporate and government, 2. What does Society Teach? 3. A spontaneous urge to action rather than inaction, and 4. the attrition of ethicalContinue reading “How to hasten India’s economic recovery – Caught between NCLT and COVID-19 ?”

CREAMCHAIN – The dawn of the Data Management Dynamics

Here I have posted a different post – CREAMCHAIN – The dawn of the Data Management Dynamics. It’s a combination of my CREAM Report and Blockchain. Please do have a look at. The last one is a challenge to companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft or SAP. And also to very many techies. If you areContinue reading “CREAMCHAIN – The dawn of the Data Management Dynamics”

ONE PAGE REPORT – Reverse Mentoring

In a recent article “Effective leaders develop and promote the culture: Bayer’s K S Harish” I was quite impressed by Bayer’s relentless pursuit of excellence, one for example, “Our accelerated leadership program – My Growth My Life (MGML) – aims at grooming internal talent for leadership positions in the organization.”, and the other Harish talkingContinue reading “ONE PAGE REPORT – Reverse Mentoring”

CSR Research and Corporate Sustainability

In our obscurity – in all this vastness – there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves. It is up to us. – Carl Sagan Last week FM Nirmala Sitharaman announced many an incentive to India Corporate, sharp cuts in corporate taxes among many more. It was followedContinue reading “CSR Research and Corporate Sustainability”

One of the Big – 6 Audit Firms – BDO – Rocks – Way to go

In the context of finding a solution when Audit Profession is at a low ebb, I see an oasis in a desert. I found Global Review 2017 Your BDO, an interesting document in resolving the issues raised on account of substandard Audits. BDO seems to be on a good pedestal. The Technology Direction BDO hasContinue reading “One of the Big – 6 Audit Firms – BDO – Rocks – Way to go”

Bring Ethical Assets Premium Account in Balance Sheet – And Eradicate Corporate Corruption. How to?

This is my letter to The Prime Minister of India suggesting how to eradicate Corporate Corruption? I specify the role of Audit Profession and its need of the hour. Balance Sheet is bereft of any Ethical Assets that many companies do seriously make use of but are not able to represent the same in theContinue reading “Bring Ethical Assets Premium Account in Balance Sheet – And Eradicate Corporate Corruption. How to?”

CREAM Report – Digitalising the Process

CREAM REPORT – Database FPOs/Farmers – Database would be: [2] In the Value Chain 40k Farmers, land holding, sector composition – oilseeds, rice, wheat, pulses, yield etc. Strategy Plan 2025 – CAGR – Convert CAGR to CDGR [Daily] and Track progress. Implement Growth and Earnings by CREAM. Responsibility be with the FPCs [GujPro] CREAM ReportContinue reading “CREAM Report – Digitalising the Process”


ONE PAGE REPORT – INVESTORS In one side I try educating the Corporate to run their organisations wisely. In a recent post I did ask: Q: 3.If 85% of Quantitative and Qualitative Elements of Management is ignored how do you manage your company? UQ: This would greatly help companies to ask themselves: What is crucialContinue reading “ONE PAGE REPORT – INVESTORS”