In one side I try educating the Corporate to run their organisations wisely. In a recent post I did ask: Q: 3.If 85% of Quantitative and Qualitative Elements of Management is ignored how do you manage your company? UQ:

This would greatly help companies to ask themselves: What is
crucial to bring the abstractions into reality, acknowledge
value where value is due, and deconstruct what is
valueless. Return on Intangible is the only solution.

At the other end I ask however, Investors where do you stand? They do invest in a big way particularly Foreign firms into India Corporate. This ONE PAGE REPORT – INVESTORS addresses these issues. Are the Investors any wiser? Read with my earlier post ONE PAGE REPORT – CORPORATE, it would make sense to reiterate the main theme of my book exhorting all: CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE CORPORATE, CHANGE GOVERNMENT, CHANGE THE DENOMINATOR.

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Author - Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability: Measuring Intangible, Fiscal and Ethical Assets.

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