ONE PAGE REPORT [OPR] ~ Farmer – FPO-FPC-RI-VNKC-Kiosks-eCommerce

Consequent to an assignment from VNKC Group of companies a good opportunity has arisen to bring in the concept of Return on Intangible to a Farmer. The OPR explains the modus operandi.

Kunal Kotecha of VNKC is the initiator bringing into fusion farmers and the end users of the produce. Is a great initiative coming from a Fairtrade and HACCP enabled pvlc. IBCM is happy to join him ushering in Corporate and Quality Governance to his unit as well as the Agriculture sector. CREAM enabled Farmers and Corporate would ensure MEASURING the National Policy set by GoI on “FOR THE PROMOTION OF FARMER PRODUCER ORGANISATIONS”. [FPOs]. Met GujPro who manage 30 FPOs/45,000 farmers directly.

IBCM is the catalyst bringing standards implementation among farmers who will be tracked by a common denominator – Intangible – by reference to their Adhaar Card #. A win-win formula as stated in OPR.

It’s my pleasure to begin a great journey with Kunal. Confident we shall connect the dots, several with a common denominator Return on Intangible.


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Author - Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability: Measuring Intangible, Fiscal and Ethical Assets.

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