Blueprint trillion-dollar Indian Agriculture 2024

  Two major Independence Days we celebrate each year, the 15th of August and the 4th of July. What’s the difference? In India, we started off glamorizing a commie, and in America, it was all unleashing the energy of people. Such an event has happened in India now, an event that would not happen anytimeContinue reading “Blueprint trillion-dollar Indian Agriculture 2024”

CSR Research and Corporate Sustainability

In our obscurity – in all this vastness – there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves. It is up to us. – Carl Sagan Last week FM Nirmala Sitharaman announced many an incentive to India Corporate, sharp cuts in corporate taxes among many more. It was followedContinue reading “CSR Research and Corporate Sustainability”

CREAM Report – Digitalising the Process

CREAM REPORT – Database FPOs/Farmers – Database would be: [2] In the Value Chain 40k Farmers, land holding, sector composition – oilseeds, rice, wheat, pulses, yield etc. Strategy Plan 2025 – CAGR – Convert CAGR to CDGR [Daily] and Track progress. Implement Growth and Earnings by CREAM. Responsibility be with the FPCs [GujPro] CREAM ReportContinue reading “CREAM Report – Digitalising the Process”


ONE PAGE REPORT – Project FISCAL Rating: FARMER- INDUSTRY – SOCIETY & CONSOLIDATE – AGRI – LEADERSHIP Return On Intangible Project FISCAL connects Farmer – Industry – Society the three CCP – Critical Control Points in the Value Chain, Consolidating Agri Leadership in Indian Economy. It’s a single powerful sector giving the platform to stabiliseContinue reading “ONE PAGE REPORT – Project FISCAL”

ONE PAGE REPORT [OPR] ~ Farmer – FPO-FPC-RI-VNKC-Kiosks-eCommerce

Consequent to an assignment from VNKC Group of companies a good opportunity has arisen to bring in the concept of Return on Intangible to a Farmer. The OPR explains the modus operandi.