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Dana Milbank writes in today’s Washington Post, Abolish the party committees, [] “The committees are behind the dehumanizing of lawmakers, causing the two parties to view each other not as colleagues but as targets. Through the party committees, Democratic lawmakers work to recruit, raise money and campaign for challengers to their Republican colleagues – and vice versa. The committees, more than any other single factor, have replaced legislating with endless skirmishing.”

Knowledge is of five categories: 1. Good Knowledge; 2. Wrong Knowledge; 3. Knowledge of Verbal Delusion; 4. Knowledge of Ignorance and 5. Intuitive Knowledge. Corporate work on the fifth all the time and that is entrepreneurship. IBCM study implores ‘Free enterprise is an expression of freedom, whereas Ethical Responsibility is an expression of liberty, that threshold values emanate to bridge Ethical and Fiscal Responsibility.’ and concludes ‘Government for the People’ belongs to the third category of Knowledge,

Government for the people means the existence of a humane society where the man of perfect knowledge does not unsettle the mediocre whose knowledge is imperfect. Our democratic society is run by people whose knowledge is imperfect, of people who are ignorant. This drama in the theater of the absurd is going on for too long, without a hope of deliverance, for like the Arab and the Camel story the imperfect is quietly occupying the tent and the ignorant has no other hope than to witness the absurdity.

He goes on to add: “There’s little hope that the party committees will go away.” There is little hope indeed so long the assumption of arbitrary power remains with a party that is returned to power, viewing the opposition group not as colleagues but as targets. The absurdity will go on ad infinitum.

  1. There are only two ways to create a Government for the people:It is not one party, two party or multiple party system will work to create a ‘Government for the people’ but only a no-party system of Trustees alone could achieve it. Government has only one Responsibility i.e Fiscal Responsibility.
  2. Implement Article 10 of UNCAC Public Reporting. ‘Government for the People’ will have to report back their activities as detailed by IBCM, if the theater of the absurd has to draw the curtains down.


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