How to hasten India’s economic recovery – Caught between NCLT and COVID-19 ?

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Firstly, I present the four-issue areas selected from my Book, Return on Intangible, Measuring Fiscal and Ethical Assets, due for release in June 2020 from the US:

1. DIY kit for Corporate and government,
2. What does Society Teach?
3. A spontaneous urge to action rather than inaction, and
4. the attrition of ethical values.

Then my proposal for India Corporate, under the headings:

1. EPP – efforts per person,
2. Creative Process and Action Process,
3. Strategy Plan 2024,
4. Ratings facilitates consolidation,
5. Prepare a consolidated CREAM Report 2024, and
6. Fix it, fix it comprehensively the WuhanLab Syndrome.


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