My letter to PM: Economic Revival Measures – Stimulus Package – Cost of Inaction

If India has to succeed in implementing the stimulus package it will be based on measuring the ethical assets we create. In my book I describe Knowledge is the goal of ethics. I explain the same as below:

For example, from the US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Modernization Act of 1997, before being enacted, solicited comments from all the stakeholders, including the public, globally. FDA rules are rules, where a rule expresses the truth and when it is being certified to have been followed as prescribed, then it justifies conduct. That truth is ethics and that conduct is knowledge. Therefore, knowledge is the goal of ethics.

I also mention that The knowledge base is empty now. That is, the knowledge of conduct. It is universal. Steering the economy without ethical assets, the result of good conduct, being created would be very difficult. By adopting the suggestions given I am confident the stimulus package announced would be of immense benefit to our country.


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