CREAM Ratings – Measuring Corporate Governance – Management Development Program via Udemy

I declare open CREAM Ratings Academy for Corporate, via Udemy, Launched via LinkedIn: Corporate Atomic Structure and the Return on Intangible principles enable Corporate CREAM Report, measured on a common denominator with unreasonable effectiveness. Science of metaphysics with a logical structure, brings abstractions into reality. It enables not only Microsoft “We’re on a missionContinue reading “CREAM Ratings – Measuring Corporate Governance – Management Development Program via Udemy”

One of the Big – 6 Audit Firms – BDO – Rocks – Way to go

In the context of finding a solution when Audit Profession is at a low ebb, I see an oasis in a desert. I found Global Review 2017 Your BDO, an interesting document in resolving the issues raised on account of substandard Audits. BDO seems to be on a good pedestal. The Technology Direction BDO hasContinue reading “One of the Big – 6 Audit Firms – BDO – Rocks – Way to go”

3 Day Workshop Transformation Towards Self- Governance

There is an urgent need to arrest the deterioration in Corporate Management. IL&FS is the latest – IL&FS Scandal: SFIO uncovers grave irregularities on corporate governance and financial parameters, says report – Moneylife. Similarly after the Volkswagen fiasco one has to look at when Hermes EOS, the stewardship division of Hermes Investment Management, calling forContinue reading “3 Day Workshop Transformation Towards Self- Governance”

RFP – Creating Digital Record of Pursuing Excellence for Corporate CREAM Report and Corporate Managers: Dynamic Database of Fiscal and Ethical Assets, Blockchain and #AI Technology assisted

Return on Intangible – Leadership in self-governance

Intangible is the energy behind each person. Once the leadership assigns the
targets, by self-governance each takes the necessary effort to accomplish the
task assigned. It’s not just a CEO, every one in an organisation works like a
beaver to constantly reach the set targets of goals, always at optimised level of
performance. Raise the bar by each person. Each is a potential Elon Musk? At the same time, Elon Musk is not a one-man company nor Jeff Bezos?