3 Day Workshop Transformation Towards Self- Governance

There is an urgent need to arrest the deterioration in Corporate Management. IL&FS is the latest – IL&FS Scandal: SFIO uncovers grave irregularities on corporate governance and financial parameters, says report – Moneylife.

Similarly after the Volkswagen fiasco one has to look at when Hermes EOS, the stewardship division of Hermes Investment Management, calling for an overhaul of the management and corporate governance culture at Volkswagen. Subsequently I wrote another article in Slideshare: Who failed Volkswagen, is it Corporate Governance or Management Quality?

My book Return on Intangible – Measuring Corporate Fiscal and Ethical Assets: CREAM Analytics of Policies, Practices and People, precisely expounds the theory of Return on Intangible that shall MEASURE Corporate Governance differentiating with Management Quality. This 3 Day Workshop for those interested companies may contact me, as given in the last page of the 3 Day Workshop Details.

Get yourself RATED.


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