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The Opportunity Indian Economy to be $10 trillion by 2035 – Suresh Prabhu

India to be $10 trillion economy by 2035: says Suresh Prabhu. With the current GDP estimate of $2.6 trillion in about 18 years we could reach $10 trillion at a CAGR of 7.77%, as against the current growth rate of 7.3% in the current fiscal year 2018-19. $5 trillion in 7 years, as Suresh Prabhu mentioned, works out to a CAGR of 9.79%.

A lower capital output ratio shows that only low level of investment is needed to produce a given growth rate in the economy. This is considered as a desirable situation. Lower capital output ratio shows that capital is very productive or efficient. Return on Intangible guides the way for THE Productivity Index to propel Indian Economy to greater heights.

I exhort to keep the target growth @15%, so that Indian Economy reaches $7 trillion in 7 years paving way to $33 trillion by 2035. How?

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