Podcast Episode 42: CorporateMOM ~ AI RAGE [Revitalizing – Advanced – Global – Economy] A Sustainability Report My findings: My proposal

CorporateMOM ~ AI RAGE [Revitalizing – Advanced – Global – Economy]

A Sustainability Report
My findings: My proposal


It looks like AI RAGE is on. CorporateMOM ~ AI RAGE is the outcome of My Findings and consequently My Proposal on Operation COURAGE – Progress Report. COURAGE is Corporate & Universities – Revitalizing – Advanced – Global – Economy. Universities are the springboard for the future of the Global Economy. I peeped into one of the universities and what I found was truly remarkable. Almost all universities strive to create a platform for the Genzers to get into corporate offices and I have started with the leading light of the World.

What I stated in Operation COURAGE was that an advanced Global Economy warrants a modern-cum-corporate civilization. I look at the Universities and companies as to how they are collaborating with each other for this purpose. I had an opportunity to look into a University as well as companies dealing in AI.

Here are my findings and my proposal on how to take AI on RAGE – Revitalizing Advanced Global Economy.

Interaction with the university was good. I could talk to the Vice Chancellor who directed the Dean of the Business School to look into CorporateMOM. The Business School initiated “Artificial Intelligence and Frontier Technologies for Sustainable Business Transformation”.  AI experts I could look at from a distant place in a webinar organized by the Business School was indeed noteworthy. AI is spreading its influence but as one of the AI exponents stated: “If you ask a data scientist, they’ll tell you how much percentage of their time is, spent towards cleaning the data massaging, because final services form, is are well known to have lots of unstructured data and to make any meaningful insight out of these unstructured data.” CorporateMOM deals with this statement squarely.

Here are My findings and My proposal on how CorporateMOM takes AI on RAGE – Revitalizing Advanced Global Economy.

While AI  looks into 1 4.0 Advanced Digital Technology CorporateMOM recommends I 4.0’s mirror image of recording societal changes. Combined AI and CorporateMOM can sail easily into establishing an Advanced Global Economy.

CorporateMOM ~ AI will march forward for the goodness of humankind.

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