Podcast Episode 43: CorporateMOM – SOS Governance Standards – A certification scheme for FEC [fiscal – ethical – co-responsibility] report – A Commercial proposal:

CorporateMOM ~ SOS Governance Standards – A certification scheme for FEC [fiscal – ethical – coresponsibility] report – A Commercial proposal:

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CorporateMOM ~ SOS Governance Standards – A certification scheme for FEC [Fiscal – Ethical – Co-responsibility] report – A Commercial proposal:


1. Further to CorporateMOM ~ AI RAGE [Revitalizing – Advanced – Global – Economy] – there have been a few inquiries. One from a Big 4 firm, via my associate, asking for a commercial proposal. My response and my commercial proposal, are now on.

2. I give herein briefly what and how CorporateMOM is of benefit to companies.

3. Emergent Property Phenomenon – Principles that lead companies to.

4. My commercial proposal includes my suggestions:

4.1 Internal Consultants: I suggest all companies and banking, Chartered Accountants, and Company Secretaries in practice as well as in job, create internal consultants. I encourage startups too. Internal consultants shall assist companies in preparing an FEC Report – Fiscal, Ethical, Coresponsibility Report – in their own workplace and to companies they act as professionals/consultants.

4.2 My proposal:
4.2.1 I shall assist the internal consultants with Project ELITE – Education, Learning, Implementation, Training, and Execution.

4.3 CorporateMOM  FEC [fiscal – ethical – coresponsibility] report- Certification Scheme:
4.3.1. SOS Governance Standards enables the preparation of FEC [fiscal – ethical – coresponsibility] report. IBCM will primarily take responsibility for the FEC Certification Scheme.
4.3.2. The intention is to create certified SOS Governance personnel who are capable of certifying FEC Reports within an organization or client companies.

4.4 Job vacancies:
4.4.1. I would like the internal consultants to know that there are 200 process blocks in an organization, quantitative and qualitative. Only 12 process blocks are quantitative and the rest 188 are qualitative which are not measured. CorporateMOM enables measuring qualitative elements of management. That’s about 94% of the jobs in an organization are vacant. Fill the vacancies with the internal consultants.

5. Commercial Proposal: There are two CCPs – Critical Control Points – 1. Project ELITE and 2. Certification Scheme.
5.1. We are living on a DIY Planet. Companies should develop Project ELITE as a DIY.

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