Podcast Episode 34: Snapshot 6: Book in the process: Fiscal and Ethical Assets – the stability factor – CorporateMOM – Sustainability of Corporate Stability



Podcast Episode 34: Snapshot 6: Book in the process: Fiscal and Ethical Assets – the stability factor –
CorporateMOM – Sustainability of Corporate Stability

I am adding a couple of pages of how I am readying for the publication of my book before the end of April 2023.

A spontaneous urge to action rather than inaction’ Volkswagen Group – Change of guard – 2022.  While I am presenting what Matthias Müller set the priorities vis-à-vis what Herbert Diess has done on the paradigm shift based on Annual Report 2021, I find from Annual Report 2022 a further change.
Quote: The Supervisory Board meeting on July 22, 2022,  focused on the composition of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG. We resolved at this meeting to appoint Dr. Oliver Blume as the Chair of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG effective September 1, 2022 and agreed with Dr. Herbert Diess that he would step down from this position at the same time. Unquote.

An extract from my upcoming book:

Quote: Fiscal & Ethical-cum-co-Responsibility Framework

 1. Fiscal Responsibility – What You owe your company. You create the Fiscal assets for your company. Stays with the company forever. Priority #1: Customer Satisfaction, #3 Change in Organization Structure:  and #5 Strategy 2025 deals with this.

2. Ethical Responsibility – What You owe yourself – You create ethical assets for your company that stay with you forever. What you create for one company you can carry to another. Priority #4 Establishing Corporate Culture would represent this.

3. Co-Responsibility – What You owe the society – an identity with ethical responsibility, that by which corporate infers and society teaches. Priority #2: “Uncover the truth and learn from it”  would fit into this.

I sincerely hope Dr. Oliver Blume continues with the T4I Together for Integrity that Dr. Diess has initiated. I will do the follow-up analytics later. This book which is under preparation is critical for corporate stability. Sustainability of Stability is what we are looking at, through the prism of Women’s Empowerment.

Dr. Herbert Dies’s initiative is what every company must look to. His contribution to the corporate world is quite great, really great. I am sure Dr. Diess’ capability is used by other companies and groups. Piech and Porche will all come and stay and not leave their fiscal assets whereas Dr. types take their ethical assets wherever they move. The 21st century is on the move. Attrition of value is for Dr. Oliver Blume to take note of.

Big firms must take note of it what Keynes says: “Even apart from the instability due to speculation, there is the instability due to the characteristic of human nature.” SOS Governance will set right the current ecosystem.


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