Podcast Episode 35: CorporateMOM – Book Released- Sustainability of Corporate Stability

Book Release:
CorporateMOM – Sustainability of Corporate Stability


Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)

eBook: https://lnkd.in/d6NHERxJ



I am happy to announce My Second Book: CorporateMOM – Sustainability of Corporate Stability is published. It’s available for sale. at.


I would like to share with you some points.

CERN states, (a) subatomic matter not only performs an energy dance but also is an energy dance and (b) subatomic matter does not remain static. We shall restrict subatomic matter to protons, neutrons, and electrons for this work, which primarily establishes the connection between corporate and nature.

Corporate must innovate to be vibrant all the time, as Energy is liberated matter; matter is energy, waiting to happen. Waiting to happen is static a nd leads to NPAs. This book I have prepared with dynamic study of texts and illustrations, not static ones. For example, a Corporate Atomic Structure illustration is nothing but what you see as a static picture in your book. I have provided a QR Code that leads you to a 1-minute video on how CorporateMOM works providing a conceptual understanding of the subject matter. Similarly links to Bloomberg GEI page. Readers can have further confirmation or study on the subject with QR Codes by facilitating the reading of the Book: CorporateMOM.

Pictures convey supporting the context that readers would find easy. The book is not verbose text after text. Besides I have followed our management guru Gurucharandas in his 1-page report. Managers are busy bees, so I have structured the entire book by the 1-page report principle, completing the argument within a single page. There are 222 pages but each is unique.

Hardbound book I am releasing today. The soft Cover and eBook are released later today. My publishers say Hardbound book is made available only within India. I am happy with the publishers as it is cost plus + Royalty. I don’t see ny price difference between the Hard and soft covers except for a few rupees. Here is the link.

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