Post Covid-19 Corporate Restructuring Episode 2

Post Covid-19 Corporate Restructuring

Please find the case study of handling Covid-19 by Col. Sridhar, a social issue well managed in a matured manner. Extrapolating the same on a national level we could have resolved many a problem without all the damage Covid-19 has inflicted upon us. It’s not too late though.

I emphasize the societal change in I-4.0 the Fourth Industrial Revolution warrants the change, in our handling of such issues that the industry shall take note of.

Post-Covid-19, there’s a need for Corporate Restructuring, Why the Board is entrusted with ethical responsibility? Where Universities have failed? Why the CEO Team struggles to set Goal Congruence? and How CREAM Ratings sets right the Sustainability of profits and growth? are the Q & A for the Corporate MoS.

I offer CREAM Ratings services for organizations to move at ease in the difficult forecasting scenario.

Jayaraman Rajah Iyer

Post Covid-19 Corporate Restructuring

CREAM Ratings Podcast Episode 2

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Author - Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability: Measuring Intangible, Fiscal and Ethical Assets.

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