Accounting for Dreams Podcast Episode 4

Accounting for dreams

Klaus Schwab: There are three reasons for the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: velocity, scope, and systems impact. And the breadth and depth of these changes herald the transformation of entire systems of production, management, and governance.

Keith Farlinger of BDO – Dreams aren’t about seeing opportunities, they’re about seizing them – and they’re not about today, they’re about tomorrow.

Jayar: The Audit profession has been rendered ineffective by becoming a caged lion, by building the cage themselves strenuously. Come out of the cage. The Audit profession has to take back control of GRACE – Governance, Responsibility, Authority, Credibility, and Enablement as well as equip to measure qualitative elements of management, that are the Ethical Assets of a company.

CREAM Ratings is the catalyst, for the stability of the I 4.0.

Dream you should by CAGR and account for it by CDGR – Measuring the cost consequence, Now, Now, Now.

I commend BDO by Global Review 2018. Big audit firms shall lead by example and guide the profession to glory.

Accounting for Dreams Podcast Episode 4

CREAM Ratings Podcast Episode 4 Accounting for Dreams

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