Gujarat State, GSDP USD1.5 trillion 2024: a Template for GDP- GNH combo.

Based on my book: Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability: Measuring Intangible, Fiscal, and Ethical Assets. Here I highlight the Five steps to Nirvana, an essential combination of GNH and GDP, freedom from a multiplicity of problems the society faces. This is given as a template for use by others too.

Step 1: CREAM Audit: Fault lines that appear in the data collection are highlighted for correction.

Step 2: CREAM Strategy Plan: Strategy Plan process in 6 stages. What we do is only quantitative elements via an ERP but here strategy plan for qualitative elements of management is brought to the fore.

Step 3: CREAM Implementation: Step 4: CREAM Training: Covered by elaborating on my IPR, Inactivity Based Cost Management with five principles, so that the end users take a grip on the finer aspects of measuring ‘cost consequence’ now, now, now, converting Strategy Plan to Action Plan.

Step 5: CREAM Action Plan is conveyed through the three principles of emergent property phenomena, for a simple way to Nirvana.

I welcome you all.

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