One Page Report – Project FISCAL: Farmer Walks Into Dalal Street

During 2017-18 crop year, food grain production is estimated at record 284.83 million tonnes. In 2018-19, Government of India is targeting food grain production of 285.2 million tonnes. Milk production was estimated at 165.4 million tonnes during FY17, while meat production was 7.4 million tonnes. As of September 2018, total area sown with kharif crops in India reached 105.78 million hectares.

Food & Grocery retail market in India was worth US$ 380 billion in 2017.

It’s a huge market size for India. However, you must have seen the reports on Farmers’ suicides, demonstration by Farmers used by politicians to settle their scores. In such a big market size why Farmers are relegated to such penury conditions?

Creation of FPOs is an outstanding attempt to mobilise Agricultural power house. I have seen papers [ADBI Series: The Use Of Financial Technology In The Agriculture Sector] with regard to Agriculture refer to farmers without a concrete plan. They jump these days to AI and Blockchain without real benefits accruing to Farmers. Possibly elsewhere globally a strong organisation structure like India’s FPOs have not been formed. This paper offers a solution to an Indian Farmer.

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