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Search for intangible

Protons, anti-protons, electrons, positrons etc. are the terms of the scientific community and one shall trust them as one has from Newton to Darwin to Einstein and leave those terms without affecting the day-to-day life of a common man. Business management too have those extra-ordinary terms to prove a point, such as Pearson Correlation and beta transformation to justify the bribery or perception index. The Governance has the framework of Government of the people, by the people, for the people as the constitution, words coined in its simplicity by a simple and honest man, but used by all without any article of faith. The objective of the search of intangible is to decipher and buttonhole the role of intangible that makes sense and conveys the message to the people in the simplest of the terms.

Opposite Values

Truth is always paradoxical. Usually the proponent of one school of thought makes a claim and the opponent from the other school raises objections to the claim. What one believes in, with great conviction, the other has diametrically opposite views. However, one does not approach nature looking for contradictions, but for symmetry. In Governance a consensus is sought in advance, allowing for the objections and arguments laid in support of these objections recorded, before a Governance statement is issued. These laws are designed as cat’s claws and teeth that are benevolent to the kitten but malevolent to the rat. In truth nevertheless opposite values do exist.

Stating the obvious: Truth involves completely opposite values; then only, it can be Truth.

Vacuum is a space with the absence of matter, but cannot be explained without matter surrounding it. Antimatter is explained as antiparticle within matter and outside of it cannot be even thought about. Non-existence is relative to existence. All of them are in the same plane – matter. This is the law of nature. Nature is symmetrical. Opposite values give a clue to locate the intangible. To illustrate one shall look at this simple equation.

Table 1: Equation


When X2 = 4, what is X?

X = √4, going further

4 = ?

4 Ξ ± 2.


Ξ, is a symbol with three dashes meaning – identically equal to. Without this symbol Ξ, the equation is not accurate.

In this equation X acquires two values that are not just equal but identically equal to +2 as well -2.

X acquires two opposite “values” and not opposed to each other. They are in the same plane.

± are two aspects of a single movement, like a pendulum.

One second it could be sitting in one and the next at the other end.

When we stand on the equator and look at North Pole and South Pole they are so far apart. But it is no different from a small coin having two sides head and tail, when North and South Poles are watched from the moon. Poles apart, true but Earth is a single indivisible unit. Genghis Khan and Gandhi are in the same plane but with different values. Both belong to a same specie. It is like identifying left hand and right hand but they are part of the single inseparable unit. That’s the truth. Truth always and completely involves opposite values, and then only it can be truth.

Tracing the intangible – study of opposite values

Intangible needs to be located, buttonholed, isolated and then only the identification would start. Opposite values give a clue. Illustratively: “I used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day, now I don’t”. There is something missing in this statement that could give raise to some doubts. When the person is found smoking a few minutes later one can get a reply: “I used to smoke 40 earlier, now I smoke 45 cigarettes a day”. The statement has a shortfall that none of the other reasoning would be able to dig out the truth. Inference would at the most confirm that this person doesn’t look like a nonsmoker. If a person wants to make certain to the other person to communicate clearly, then he has to say: “I used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day, now I have given up smoking”. A clarity is clearly evident in the statement without any doubt. In the said statement: “I used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day, a. now I don’t and b. now I have given up smoking”, ‘giving up smoking’ gives the clarity for the opposite value. Smoking is one end of the value and giving it up at the other end of the value chain. Both the actions require one characteristic – effort. Action of smoking needs an effort to complete the process. Giving up smoking when cigarette is easily available, as an option requires an effort from the individual, to take up the choice of one’s own volition. Hence effort is the primary force that changes the action in either way – Madoffs or Mahatma Gandhis, to identify the ‘Quality’ characteristic of the substance under scrutiny. Cigarette smoking or non-smoking is an action process. Hence the effort is apparent. ‘now I don’t’ statement refers to some action but without a clarity which is corrected by ‘giving up smoking’. The pairs of opposites heat and cold, pain and pleasure, gain and loss, victory and defeat have certain values identified to the senses. It could be either mental or physical effort to feel it. The human mind is not capable of knowing what it was before the big bang but such pure energy that was produced because of the antimatter colliding with matter is due to an effort of somebody unknown.

That effort which produced the universe after the big bang is a creative process.

In the action process effort is related to the matter and hence identifiable, as ‘giving up smoking’ whereas in the creative process the effort is not identifiable to the matter as it is related to the intellect. The creation process of the universe is related to the antimatter and how the effort is taken to collide with matter and form a pure energy is not possible to identify. It is true with human innovations. Einstein’s Theory of relativity is the creative process of the human mind and that is attributed to the effort of Einstein but the efficient cause responsible for the theory to materialize that made Einstein unique is not identifiable. In Action Process one becomes two having opposite values whereas in creative process two becomes one, with one the antimatter and the other human intellect colliding to create pure energy. Antimatter remains obscure that one may call the pure energy as the result of parthenogenesis.

The obscure Antimatter that is responsible for the creative process is the effort and that effort is intangible.

Opposite value of eating is not hunger but fasting. The option is made available to the individual concerned either to eat or give it up on a special occasion. To the individual it is the same effort, eating or fasting, with the values being different. Whereas if one considers deeply the opposite value of hunger one would find, it is not eating but morality, the contrast between a boxing day and the other days. In the first instance to forego the eating on special occasion is a personal choice whereas seeing the hungry man but not feeding him is the choice of the society one lives in. A humane society is the one that does not allow a man to go hungry, whereas in the society one lives to-day, the responsibility is left to the individual and not taken up by the state. Opposite values of hunger and morality do exist and will exist, so long a humane society or a government for the people is not formed. A hungry man knows no taste or discrimination but a man with no morality knows no fear or shame. By study of effort the intangible makes itself known loud and clear. Measuring the intangible therefore shall exhibit as to where an individual or a society or a state stands.

Humane Society formation is the result of Action Process, nothing new, nothing special but only what it represents the action on the quality with which the substance is designed to deliver.

From the book: Inactivity Based Cost Management: Measurement of Intangible: Governance, Ethical & Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability

Jayaraman Rajah Iyer


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