Podcast Episode #11: on the proposed book: ’Practice of Corporate Sustainability – CREAM Technology

Proposed Book Practice of Corporate Sustainability, CREAM Technology

Podcast Episode 10 Suggestions by CREAM Technology on Draft National Policy – the Ministry of MSMEs

CREAM Technology is the unified theory of management that establishes the interactions between policies, practices, and the society like that of the well-established mathematical and natural sciences, with a logical structure.

Podcast Episode #9: IBCM Consulting – 5 steps to Nirvana

Nirvana is the state of the cessation of suffering and its causes.

Step 1: CREAM Audit:
Step 2: CREAM Strategy Plan 2030
Step 3: CREAM Implementation,
Step 4: CREAM Training,
Step 5: CREAM Action Plan.

Podcast Episode #8: RFP – Dynamic Database System for I 4.0

Transcript Podcast Episode #8: RFP – Dynamic Database System for I 4.0


Dynamic Database-CO2 Emission-Scopes Compliant Companies-Podcast Episode #6

Transcript: Dynamic Database – CO2 Emission , Scopes Compliant Companies

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