Podcast Episode 40: CorporateMOM decodes Indian Statistical Ego-system Establishing a Dynamic GDP – GNH Database Systems

I have addressed these issues and offer a road map to establish a Dynamic GDP – GNH Database Systems. I recommend the current India’s Statistical System be scrapped.

Podcast Episode 39: CorporateMOM decodes M&A Ego-System

I have chosen $48.1 trillion pension funds assets to set target returns and align the Corporate Ego-System of Investee companies with the Ecosystem, so as to bring sustainability of profits and growths for the funds.

Podcast Episode 38: CorporateMOM – MISSION POSSIBLE – Mandatory Corporate FEC – [Fiscal-Ethical-Co-Responsibility] Report

CorporateMOM – Mission Possible – Mandatory Corporate FEC – [Fiscal-Ethical-Co-Responsibility] Report – My Services