For #CXOs – Corporate and Government – Cost Reduction

Advertisements How “CREAM™ Report Measuring Sustainability of Profits: Accelerating Corporate Energy in Sustainable State – ACCESS” would help companies and the governments? [CREAM – Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Earnings [P&L, I&E & B/S], Accounting Quality, Management Quality] 1. Sustainability of Profits – Profits are the end results of a sustainable efficiency, whereas sustainable profits depend… Continue reading For #CXOs – Corporate and Government – Cost Reduction

#Sustainability of Values alone would ensure profits. My reply

Advertisements What’s “New” About Creating Shared Value?  05 Apr 2011 – by Michael Sadowski: This is an interesting post on Sustainability I give below my reply to the nice article from Michael that raises a number of basic issues.

Construct Value and Deconstruct Valueless Dismiss

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