Companies shall establish Fiscal-Ethical-cum-Coresponsibility Framework by SOS [Subject-Object-Self] Governance standards as applied to Volkswagen as a case study. The Framework enables an overarching sustainability report. SDG GOAL#5 – Women’s Empowerment brings in the much-needed enabler for Ethical-cum-coresponsibility factors. Sustainability of stability is the key issue for companies that CorporateMOM – Corporate Management Orbiter Mission by Women enables. Physics enables Corporate Atomic structure, metaphysics for Return on Intangible and quantum physics frees companies from the troika of entanglement – Keynes’ Moral, Hedonistic and Economic aspects. Simply stated substitute your company for Volkswagen and prepare SOS Governance Framework for your company.



The Basic Course on SDG Goal#5 Gender Equality embraces as a precursor for all the 17 SDGs. Basic means when it is learned you have the foundation for all the SDGs. It shall open up opportunities in all three spheres of influence – political, economic, and public life, for women.

1 is about SDG Goal#5 where Gender Equality – Women Empowerment and Women Equity are expounded. There are three parts –
1-Part 1 [1-1: [Lesson 1-1 – Who are you? -G.I.R.L.S-V2.mp4 1hr. 03’.37” /136.1 Mb]  is about how we run our organizations on profit & Growth, based on Economic aspects. Introducing Keynes Troika of entanglement that deals with Moral, Hedonistic, and Economic aspects.

1- Part 2 is about: [Lesson 1-2- Who are you? -G.I.R.L.S-V2.mp4 58’ 31” 136.6Mb ] The Reality Check in each of the 4 Industrial Revolutions gives an insight into the ecosystem we have created over 200 years. Troika of entanglement, with scientists, philosophers, and economists being advisory, how Corporate shall benefit from Women Empowerment. The Boys only Club needs to look into areas where it is Girls only Club.

1- Part 3 is about G.I.R.L.S. Framework: [Lesson 1-3- Who are you? -G.I.R.L.S-V2.mp4 1hr.25..22” 213.3Mb]

G for Governance – expands to cover SOS Governance – Subject-Object-Self Governance.
I for Inspiration – Inspiration, Innovation, Imagination. Brings out CorporateMOM – Corporate Management Orbiter Mission;
R for Responsibility – Fiscal, Ethical – cum – co-responsibility.
L for Leadership: – Self-awareness, Self-control, Self-governance
S for Strategy. – D – Diversity, E – Equity, I – Inclusion

The case study of Volkswagen is the crucial analytics by which G.I.R.L.S. capability is brought to the limelight. Volkswagen’s Framework of SOS Governance is prepared and where Women Empowerment would benefit the companies as a generic Capability Model for Corporate as a whole.

Lesson 2: Analytics of catchwords: [Lesson 2 – The Catchwords Gender Equality_V2.mp4 30.38” 68.1Mb]
There are several organizations that make companies spend on Women’s Empowerment Principles [WEP], Gender Equality Index [GEI], Gender Equity Model [GEM], and sustainable Stock Exchanges – SSE, each setting different parameters.
Bloomberg GEI Analytics.

Lesson 3: IBCM: [Lesson 3 – MeRIT – Women Equity_V2.mp4 1hr.32’.23” 227.2Mb]
IBCM works on five principles; Inactivity-Based Cost Management – Activity has a cost incidence as we show in Balance Sheet whereas Inactivity is a cost consequence, which naturally we ignore, but IBCM emphasizes “measure cost consequence now, now, now” which is the main theme. The cost of Inaction ruins everything. How to have control of time and cost? That’s where IBCM is. Women’s Empowerment gets meaning. It is not a catchword because women are entrusted with the sustainability of the value system as they are the most capable ensure performance by measuring Women’s Equity.

What is explained in Lesson 1 is brought into measurement – MeRIT – Measure, Record, Implement, Track –
CorporateMOM – Corporate Management Orbiter Mission, enabling stability for an organization. That’s the main purpose.

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