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Book Review – CorporateMOM – POS Amazon-Flipkart

This is a review of my book CorporateMOM Sustainability of Corporate Stability. I just received my copies. Going through it I shall give a brief view of how it has come out.

I used Mac Keynote for preparing this self-published book – CorporateMOM. It’s patterned on Gurucharan Das’s one-page report concept. I used 14pt Optima with Subtitles on every page. Content has to be compressed into a few words. There are 225 pages, interspersed with images and illustrations so the readers have a smooth and quick reading, Physics, metaphysics, and quantum physics are applied to deriving a robust management operating control system. Understanding the concepts is made pretty simple with charts supplemented by QR Codes that take you to a dynamic reading. You will never be bored like text after text with Times Roman 10pt.

After my first book, Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability: Measuring Intangible, Fiscal and Ethical Assets, I have learned this lesson to make a book interesting. My first book is purely theory – Physics, metaphysics, and quantum physics. I carried on with Podcast Episodes, 35 of them – dealing with a number of very critical areas in the practice of management.- Accounting Quality Audit firms, Accounting for Climate Change; Analytics of Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 parameters; IMF Transition to Green Economy – IMF World Economic Outlook Data Analytics., Suggestions on Draft National Policy to the Ministry of MSMEs, Corporate Governance Toolkit, etc. 35 of them that have attracted nearly 300k downloads. I have given them QR Codes that readers can go to any one of them. I have given also the number of countries viewers of podcasts as well as companies who have viewed my posts. Please have a look.

Countries List

2. Ecosystem on the move. For the first time in history, certain positive signs are coming for a change. One is the opening of the New Parliament by Prime Minister Modi last week. He encouraged all to comment on a silent video adding one’s own. I did. Sengol was installed in the Parliament that I said: Q: Sengol – scepter not to rule but to justify our conduct. Let the New parliament usher in how men and women conduct themselves, not only reporting Fiscal but their conduct Ethical-cum-co-responsibility factors, making it mandatory for Corporate and Government Institutions. UQ

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This is what CorporateMOM teaches – SOS Governance – Subject – Object – Self Governance Framework. Corporate is yet in the shadows of East India Company. Third-world countries are realizing it all. To quote Desmond Tutu: “We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.” Companies that follow SOS Governance principles are going to attract more business than many MNCs. I have included a case study on Volkswagen that is important for all companies to prepare an FEC Report – Fiscal, Ethical-cum-co-repsonsibility report.

3. Universities: Universities are in education. But today a seat in a good college demands a very high price for their parents, at least in India. Investment in a Business School must reflect on the graduates coming out with knowledge. The knowledge of how men and women in corporate conduct themselves. Since many companies including IBM, Apple, EY, and Wipro Foundation have evinced interest in CorporaeMOM, Business Schools would attract big companies at the campus placement. Wipro Foundation takes care of many schools and should popularize CorporateMOM at the school level. Management science is not complicated. Bring it up from the school level.

4. Regulatory Body installed in the Parliament – Sengol: What if the New parliament enacts a mandatory report filing of conduct in Ethical-cum-co-responsibility factors? In fact, it already exists under SEBI guidelines. CorporateMOM would help companies to stabilize and report on how the qualitative elements of management are measured. Are you ready?

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