Podcast Episode #24 CorporateMOM – Snapshot 1 ABC of Entanglement – A-Auditor – B-Banker – C-CEO

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Podcast Episode #24 CorporateMOM – Snapshot 1 ABC of Entanglement – A-Auditor – B-Banker – C-CEO

The theme for this podcast is ABC of entanglement. A for Auditor B for Banker and C for CEO of your company.. When we analyze SOS [Subject-Object-Self] Governance for the stakeholders SOS of A and B and C get entangled.

How to integrate SOS Governance for all three ABCs is crucial for corporate development. CorporateMOM is the overarching analytics of SDG Goal#5 Gender Equality. Women’s Empowerment is the essence and Women’s Equity is the resultant energy flow. There’s a price tag. That’s mainly for companies to install in their intranet and make it available for the workforce to refer to.

We are living on a DIY planet. The interest must come from within. As you will see from CorporateMOM – Philosophers – Scientists – Economists as well as Consultants are only – Advisories. Project ELITE as I have indicated in CorporateMOM – is your own initiative – Education – Learning – Implementation – Training and Execution is DIY Like this episode there would be several such insightful snapshots of CorporateMOM made available free. Make use of it.

I appreciate my podcast listeners who have given me excellent support over several months. For them I say thanks and please take Women Empowerment for establishing value system in companies around the world. A leaf out of CorporateMOM please have a look.


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