Podcast Episode #8: RFP – Dynamic Database System for I 4.0


Podcast Episode #8: RFP – Dynamic Database System, for I 4.0,

CREAM is an acronym for Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Earnings, Accounting Quality, and Management Quality.

I propose to construct two Modules – 1. Self-development Goals and 2. Strategy Plan 2030.

Self-development Goals – set your goals set your targets and go and get it. Two kinds – creative process and action process – create an IPR or accomplish the tasks you have set. Unleash your energy. Leading to GNH Index computation.

Strategy Plan 2030 – This is an extension of self-development goas taking to the workplace. Set targets and reach them, as a team yoked together but work independently. Leading to GDP computation. Unleashing energy is the new form of capitalism, rather it is capitalism. Toward transition to Green Economy transforming people, particularly the MSMEs, 63 million of them in India alone, effecting the Societal changes. Return on Intangible is the EPP – Effort per Person – heralding the transformation of entire systems of production, management, and governance. With Metrics and Benchmarks that would remain unchallenged, forever.

Podcast Episode #8: RFP – Dynamic Database System for I 4.0

Transcript – Podcast Episode #8: RFP – Dynamic Database System for I 4.0

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