Week 2 Report: CREAM Ratings correcting Corporate Fault Line



CREAM Ratings correcting Corporate Fault Line

Pleased to present, my Week 2 report, CREAM Ratings Correcting Corporate Fault Line. Is Fault Line, singular not plural? How a single factor could change the entire gamut of management, for the better?

The architecture of CREAM Ratings is described on a global level of 17 SDGs and then how at the micro-level the social, environmental, and economic development factors are fitted into.

How does it develop to finally button-hole on a singular aspect of management that needs a course correction and adopt what CREAM Ratings Methodology brings to the fore? Usain Bolt, Marathon Runner, Ben Jonson, and the Olympic committee vis-a-vis The Board bring the essence of corporate structuring.


Please see the LinkedIn post: Measuring the Intangible – Project SEED – Social, Environmental, Economic, Development. A CREAM Ratings Academy Presentation.


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